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Life is quiet in Hazzard County, unless your name is Duke. Bo (Seann William Scott) and his cousin Luke (Johnny Knoxville) are hell-raisers, who enjoy fast cars and pretty girls. They are in the delivery business - delivering moonshine, concocted by Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson). When the rogue commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds) seizes the Dukes' property, along with those of their neighbours, Bo and Luke find evidence of his evil intentions, and with the help of shapely cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson), set about to save the County.

Review by Louise Keller:
A spirited, high energy romp that is naught but yee-haw nonsense, The Dukes of Hazzard is a rev a second. Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville are highly likeable as the roguish cousins Bo and Luke Dukes, who liven up the County of Hazzard with their irreverent attitude to the law and slap their foot to the pedal of their hot-wheeled orange Dodge Charger they call The General Lee.

There are countless car chases in which the zooped up General Lee speeds, skids and flies over tracks, roads and bridges, and a loose plot in which the Duke boys save theCounty from Burt Reynolds' corrupt Boss Hogg (wearing an immaculate three-piece white suit), who plans to mine the coal-rich local land and pocket the money.

Director Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, Club Dread) injects his own sense of the ridiculous into this movie version of the popular 80s TV series, making a brief appearance, as a Campus Cop, who berates the Duke boys for driving under the 10mph speed limit. The humour is laid-back and infectious, as is the toe-tappin' mix of country, hillbilly and bluegrass music.

Then there's Willie Nelson's Uncle Jesse, who brews the local moonshine and tells jokes in his spare time. (What happens if you give a politician some viagra? He gets taller; What do you get if you cross a donkey with an onion? A piece of ass that brings a tear to the eye.) Nope, there's nothing subtle about this film in which pop star Jessica Simpson makes her acting debut - if you can call the display of long, tanned legs sporting ultra-short shorts and a voluptuous D cup bikini top, acting.

Don't rush away at the end of the film - the outtakes are well worth staying for. For starters, it's an excuse for Willie Nelson to bring us a song, plus we get to see the high-flying car-stunts that go wrong: cars squealing, skidding, crashing and splattering belly side up.

It's bawdy, bold and brainless - good fun.

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(US, 2005)

CAST: Seann William Scott, Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, Burt Reynolds

PRODUCER: Bill Gerber

DIRECTOR: Jay Chandrasekhar

SCRIPT: John O'Brien, Jonathan L. Davis (story; characters - Gy Waldron)


EDITOR: Jay Chandrasekhar, Lee Haxall, Myron I. Kerstein

MUSIC: Nathan Barr


RUNNING TIME: 106 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: September 15, 2005

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Entertainment

VIDEO RELEASE: January 6, 2006

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