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There's plenty of spice on the shoots for which Claire (Willa Ford) is an advertising manager, but at home with her beloved older psychologist husband Jonathan (Angus Macfadyen), things are far too quiet. The couple is hoping for a baby and in a bid to spice up their sex life, Claire dresses up in sexy clothes and a wig and calls herself Lucia. She suggests that Jonathan might like to surprise as 'Roberto' in one of the hotels where she stays. While in San Francisco, Claire sees 'Roberto' in the bar and a night of passion ensues. But after another night of passion in a New York hotel with Roberto, she realizes it is not her husband lying in the bed beside her, but a stranger called Simon.

Review by Louise Keller:
Self proclaimed 'Bad Girl of Pop' Willa Ford plays an ultra bad girl in the bedroom in this B-grade mystery thriller where themes of sexual fantasies merge with paranoia and multiple personality disorders. The premise offers some interesting ideas, but the screenplay disintegrates into a melodramatic mess in which reality plays little part. Performances are fine, however and if a trashy film is on your menu, it may serve reasonably for late night viewing accompanied by a sultry red wine and a pizza.

The film begins by establishing the Ford's Claire and Angus Macfadyen's Jonathan in their work environments. Claire is supervising a shoot with three naked women, a temperamental, alcoholic photographer and demanding Japanese clients. Jonathan, by contrast, is patiently listening to neurotic, depressed patients in the mental hospital in which he practises. Seeing the couple at home together, it is difficult to understand where they connect. She is young, energetic and attractive; he is twenty years her senior, paunchy and a real homebody. When she tells a colleague about their failed attempts to conceive a child, she is advised 'You need a little spice,' a notion she takes to heart and arrives home wearing wig, long boots and skimpy underwear, mysteriously calling herself Lucia. The scene in which she mistakes a stranger for her husband (also played by Macfadyen) in a bar in San Francisco is pretty ridiculous, but that's only the beginning. With shades of Fatal Attraction, 'Roberto' subsequently infiltrates her life and wrangles a meeting with Jonathan and eventually takes his place.

Writer director Charles T. Kanganis toys with delusion and psychological issues, in this thriller that becomes fraught with deception. There are moments when we are not sure to which man Claire is talking - the only apparent physical difference between Jonathan and Simon is a pair of glasses and different hair. But it's all pretty lame in the final analysis and the inclusion of a couple of raunchy sex scenes is not unexpected.

Published July 3, 2008

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(US, 2008)

CAST: Angus Macfadyen, Willa Ford, Robert Moloney, Ron Selmour, Pablo Silveira, Ingrid Torrance, Laura Soltis

PRODUCER: Jack Nasser

DIRECTOR: Charles T. Kanganis

SCRIPT: Charles T. Kanganis


EDITOR: Lee Grubin

MUSIC: Stu Goldberg


RUNNING TIME: 101 minutes



DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Sony Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: July 2, 2008

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