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On the verge of committing suicide after being brutally raped by thugs, martial arts student Nina (Gianna Pattison) is persuaded by her step brother, Ares (Felino Dolloso), to track down the thugs and torture them. During their revenge mission, Nina and Ares encounter Trevor Moretti (Manino de Aruanda), a rogue cop who helps their cause; Albert Pike (Robert Luxford), a homophobic multi millionaire; and Freddie Ramone (Robin Queree), a priest with dark past.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
Made with a certain panache and wit, this revenge thriller is a great calling card for the intriguingly named Dicky Tanuwidjaya. Stylish opening credits alert us to a genre sensibility that could go far.

Driven by a charismatic performance by Felino Dolloso as the half brother whose killer instincts are buoyed by wry wit, the film takes a standard story line about a raped woman seeking revenge and turns it into a feisty rampage. In part this is its weakness, since the revenge killings lead seamlessly to other killings and we are left wondering where the storyline is. Or isn't; fun as it is, it doesn't quite compute as a story.

But it's half rescued by its bravura. "God takes too long to make things right," Nina (Gianna Pattison, excellent) tells Father Ramone (an eerie performance by Robin Queree); and touches like the 3rd Commandment, which is, Thous shalt not kill the wrong victim.

Singlet and braces makes for a wardrobe statement and character stamp for Trevor Moretti (Manino de Aruanda) and stylised jump cut editing and picture inserts make a cinematic statement for Tanuwidjaya.

Rico Banderas is memorable as Morgan the Morgue, the sleepy eyed restaurateur with a specials menu that sometimes includes human flesh, Nathan Bowen is marvellously dislikeable as the rapist, Lucinda Booth is striking as the forensic investigator working with Captain Jerry Thorn, played with bristling threat by Rob Sheens. Robert Luxford is another standout as millionaire shyster Albert Pike.

Cinematic and engaging, though its garbled storyline lets it down a bit; all the same, a worthy and interesting debut that works on several levels.

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(Aust, 2010)

CAST: Felino Dolloso, Giana Pattison, Maninho de Aruanda, Lucinda Booth, Rob Sheens, Robin Queree, Nathan Bowen, Rico Banderas, George Badawi, Robert Luxford, Holly Greenstein, Kewlen, Malcolm Haynes, Amy Goodman, Jorge Cortes Atanacio, Alicia Gallo, Paulette Munoz, Shara Hill, Audrey Lim, Master Young Seol Ryoo, Jacob Reh, Paul Cavallo

PRODUCER: Dicky Tanuwidjaya

DIRECTOR: Dicky Tanuwidjaya

SCRIPT: Dicky Tanuwidjaya


EDITOR: Dicky Tanuwidjaya, Leon Hook, Leslie Han

MUSIC: Jamie Murgatroyd


RUNNING TIME: 83 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: Sydney: November 18, 2010 (Chauvel)

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