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Out of work Eddie (Richard Anconina) gets lucky with a street card sharp who refuses to pay, and in the melee, meets Victor (Richard Bohringer) the top businessman in the Sentier of Paris, heart of the ragtrade. Mistaken for ‘one of us’ Jews, his new mentor gives him a job and the moment changes his life. Smarter than he first looks, he is soon promoted and becomes an accepted member of a group of friends. He is specially taken with Victor’s daughter, Sandra (Amira Casar). He hopes to be noticed by her and turns himself into an entrepreneur, but this is a tough world and he faces disaster. When he finally seems ready to close the deal of his life by marrying Sandra, he can’t escape detection as a ‘goy’ – a non-Jew, which sends Sandra off in fury. It all seems lost . . .

"With characters as complex, bright and effervescent as its colourful look, Would I Lie To You is a fresh, charming tale that sparkles with vibrancy. It's an excellent script that allows the characters to show every which side – strengths and weaknesses, while the underlying Jewish theme is treated lightly and entertainingly. We warm immediately to the central character of Edouard (Richard Anconina, resembling a young Dustin Hoffman with a dash of a young Al Pacino), as he climbs the ladder of ambition, taking advantages of opportunities presented to him. It's a matter of taking chances, and it's a hugely enjoyable journey that we embark on with Edouard. Set in the downmarket side of Paris, there's ambience to spare with atmospheric music, local colour and oodles of charm from each of the beautifully developed characters. The performances are all terrific, with Anconina outstanding in the central role. While everything is complicated as far as the characters are concerned, the central plot is well defined; woven in and out of the proceedings with pace and anticipation. Would I Lie To You is one of those films that the French make so well, bursting at the seams with atmosphere, panache and flair."
Louise Keller

"A film from the real heart of Paris, with real heart, Would I Lie To You is a smartly funny film that avoids cliches, maintains an engaging story with lively pace and is crammed with terrific performances. Gilou’s direction allows the story to breathe, without losing focus, rounding out characters, peeping into adjacent lives, visiting a variety of locales and families to bring together a full flavoured and dynamic comedy. The versatility of characters builds a satisfying context for the central story and characters, and the unselfconscious portrayal of this side of Paris adds to the enjoyment. Solid production design and some fine music completes the values. "
Andrew L. Urban

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CAST: Richard Anconina, Amira Casar, Vincent Elbaz, Bruno Solo, José García, Elie Kakou, Richard Bohringer, Aure Atika, Sabrina van Tassel, Romeo Sarfati

DIRECTOR: Thomas Gilou

PRODUCER: Aïssa Djabri, Farid Lahoussa, Manuel Munz

SCRIPT: Gerard Bitton, Michel Munz

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jean-Jacques Bouhon

EDITOR: Nathalie Hubert

MUSIC: Gérard Presgurvic


RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: November 26, 1998

VIDEO RELEASE: May 9, 1999
VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Siren Entertainment

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