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The surprise winner of the Best Feature Film Score Award is the feature debut score by Jed Kurzel for his brother Justin’s film, Snowtown, an eerie work filled with dread – just as is the film, which is based on the crimes of Australia’s most notorious serial killer, John Bunting.

Another surprise winner is Rafael May, whose soundtrack album from Dean Francis’ horror film, Road Train. Both winning scores are unsettling and unpredictable.

The Awards presentation on Monday, November 14, was held at the Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, with Cezary Skubiszewski conducting his arrangements of selection from the nominated works for an ensemble of musicians that included his son Jan on guitar.

Hosted by Noni Hazlehurst, the presentation included a performance by Sarah Blasko of Dream On (the winning song from The Missing key by Miles Nicholas) and a knock-out closing performance of a rock medley by Christa Hughes and Paul Capsis. Presenting guests included Claudia Karvan, Steve Bisley, Sigrid Thornton, Damon Gameau, and Red Dog producer Nelson Woss.

2011 Screen Music Awards - The Winners

Feature Film Score of the Year:
Title Snowtown
Composer Jed Kurzel
Publishers Ivy League Music administered by Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Documentary
Title Lachlan Macquarie: Father of Australia
Composer Matteo Zingales
Publisher Sonar Music Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Short Film
Title The Missing Key
Composers Kathryn Brownhill / Miles Nicholas / Jonathan Nix

Best Soundtrack Album
Title Road Train: Road Kill Soundtrack
Composer Rafael May

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Title Dream On from The Missing Key
Composer Miles Nicholas 

Best Music for Children’s Television
Title K9: Eclipse of the Korven
Composer Christopher Elves
Publishers Fintage Publishing and Collection Australia obo 
Resonant Music 1 Limited Partners

Best Television Theme
Title Scariacs
Composer Haydn Walker
Publisher Song Zu Publishing Pty Ltd

Best Music for a Television Series or Serial
Title Rake
Composers Michael Lira / David McCormack / Antony Partos

Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie
Title Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
Composer Burkhard Dallwitz

Best Music for an Advertisement
Title VW Passat: Change Rooms
Composer Elliott Wheeler

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia*
Composers Adam Gock/Dinesh Wicks

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas*
Composer Neil Sutherland

*Determined by statistical analysis

Best music for a Short Film winners, Kathryn Brownhill, Jonathan Nix and Miles Nicholas with presenter Damon Gameau

TV series winners David McCormack, Antony Partos and Michael Lira

Published November 15, 2011

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Jed Kurzel


Rafael May - soundtrack album winner

Haydn Walker - TV Theme Winner

Short winner Miles Nicholas

Christa Hughes and Paul Capsis

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