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For 40 years Catholic priest Father Bob Maguire fought courageously to protect the bereft and abandoned of his parish, the poor and disadvantaged, including those who were not Catholics. He opened the doors to his parish, his presbytery, and his own pockets to them. Since 2002 he has attracted many disciplinary measures from the Church hierarchy due to his actions, fighting back with a healthy disregard for authority. With an insightful wit he becomes a tireless advocate for justice for the powerless and a provocateur of conscience. In 2012 he was forcibly retired and evicted by his Archbishop. Fr. Bob, 78, still with the tenacious belief that he is here to help, continues the fight.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
He's a handful, Bob Maguire, and one can understand why he'd get under the skin of a rigid, hierarchical institution like the Church. But as he points out in this fast paced, funny and chaos-with-reason doco, the Church has made him the subject, not its subjects.

It begins - after a black and white foreword featuring John Safran in a black hood - with Bob Maguire's expletive-filled, irreverent summary of 2,000 years of Christianity and its beginnings.

Made over three years, In Bob We Trust is clearly biased in his favour, as we all are in favour of David in his battle with Goliath. Another telling remark of Bob's comes just 22 minutes into the film, but it says just about everything that's at the centre of his system of priest-ing: "For those who believe in god an explanation is not necessary; for those who don't believe in god and explanation is not possible ... [now] I'm going to explain to a senior cleric why we're spending money on the poor. To me that's offensive ... religiously and spiritually."

Always suspicious of "the Fascist element" in Catholicism, Bob Maguire is something of an eccentric dynamo, even in his mid 70s. And he clearly has community support. Above all, he is 'environmentally friendly' to groups as diverse as the police - and street kids. The bottom line seems to be that Bob Maguire DOES charity, the Church hierarchy TALKS.

The film is a great story, and special praise for the editing team, whose contribution to the tone of the film cannot be overstated.

Published April 3, 2014

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(Aust, 2013)

CAST: Documentary featuring Fr Bob Maguire, John Safran

PRODUCER: Lynn-Maree Milburn, Andrew de Groot, Maya Gnyp, Richard Lowenstein (and 325 crowdfunders)

DIRECTOR: Lynn-Maree Milburn

SCRIPT: Lynn-Maree Milburn


EDITOR: Lora-Mae Adrao, Andrew de Groot, Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein,

MUSIC: Sonny Leunig

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Kate Davis (black & white sequences)

RUNNING TIME: 102 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: Cinema Nova, Melbourne: October 17; Canberra Film Festival, November 1; Sydney Orpheum: November 6; Vic & NSW regional cinemas from November 7, 2013


SPECIAL FEATURES: Who is this Safran; Safran vs Father Bob; The Dead Sea Montages; My Club Twitter; The Project; Bob and Twentyman's Spirit of Christmas; Australia's Leading Outreach Worker; Sunday Night Bob; God Doesn't Work on the Sabbath; Bees, Bees, Bees; Think Ink - Fr Bob & The Atheists; The Order of Melchizedek; Diggerness is close to Godliness; My Cousin Frank; The Buddhgist & The Bob; Manners & Morality (total approx 50 mins)


DVD RELEASE: April 2, 2014

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