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"According to the promotional flyer I received along with the CD "the soundtrack is bristling with testosterone". Well, I wasn’t expecting Tiptoe Through the Tulips but this is the sort of cut, sliced and diced mix of techno/trashy/thrashy sonic cacophony that might be embraced under the broad genre of "alternative" and simply makes me wonder: alternative to what? Melody, rhythm, harmony and dynamic variety?

Successful slasher cinema does not by definition require a soundtrack with the aural sensitivity of a choir of chainsaws – check out the minimalism of the Psycho shower scene –and even the schlockiest slasher shocker should embrace a keen sense of irony.

Perhaps that is intended here but it’s hard to tell. I first noted with anticipation that the extensively talented Guy Gross is credited with the film’s original score, but his only contribution to the material on the CD is incidental music buried under samples of lamentable dialogue. I haven’t seen a preview of the movie, but in context of the soundtrack, these lines (delivered in the style of inane banter in a low budget TV soap) mix in with the music – both incidental and some of the songs – to an effect that is neither ironic, funny, thrilling, chilling or horrific, but merely ludicrous… "It’s hard to scream without a tongue" – it’s also hard to be tongue-in-cheek; so maybe this character was lurking around the recording studio.

Most of the songs have enough fierce frenzy to tap into the natural adolescent desire for adrenalin pumping catalysts, and there is plenty of marketing clout behind this, so it might shift in quantities to a teenage market; it’s just a shame the contemporary talent showcased on this soundtrack is shown up by the only stylish "Cut" – the fabulous old Split Enz hit, I Got You. "
Brad Green

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TITLE: Cut (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

ID: 399700 074413

PRODUCER: Mark Opitz

FEATURED ARTISTS: Lamar Lowder, Jerk, Groove Terminator, Apollo Four Forty, The Feelers, This is the Place, Killers on the Loose, Fiona Mcdonald, Pound System, On, Nightmares, Josh Stanley, Something for Kate, Betchadopa, Split Enz, Killers on the Loose.

INTERLUDES: Guy Gross and Mark Opitz



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