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Dolphins are easily the smartest creatures in the ocean and this IMAX presentation offers us the chance to swim with them in the wild and learn a little bit about them. From marine parks where they learn tricks and undergo intelligence tests, to rescue efforts, to Kathleen Dudzinski's study of dolphin communication, to the special relationship between naturalist Dean Bernal and bottlenose Jojo, Dolphins explores the many facets of these creatures.

"Dolphins has plenty to recommend it visually for those of us who love these gorgeous creatures. IMAX's big screen definitely gives us a feel of actually swimming with the dolphins (without getting wet). There is a lovely shot right at the beginning of the film where a dolphin propels itself out of the water right at the camera (us) which is nothing less than exhilarating. It's a joy to simply watch the dolphins living naturally in their groups underwater and surfing the waves. One of the highlights is the time spent underwater with Jojo, the dolphin which has befriended a Carribean naturalist to the exclusion of other dolphins. Their play is magical. Quite disturbing is the footage of dolphins caught in fishermen's nets as well as dolphins needing rescue. So it's not all a wonderful journey for the viewer. Difficult also is the film's seeming lack of direction. There is no real through line. Is its purpose just to watch dolphins, to give us a snapshot of some dolphins, to educate? It's impossible to say. If the intention is partially to educate then it fails on this level as it gives us snippets of information but in doing so leaves a great many questions unanswered. If its purpose is to make us wish we lived in the Bahamas then it scored 100% with this viewer. Ultimately the appeal of Dolphins is the joy of watching these most magical of creatures on the huge IMAX screen. Its pitch at the whole family however has left it fulfilling neither the adult nor the child as it is too simplistic for the former and not engaging enough for the latter."
Lee Gough

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(G) (US)

CAST: Kathleen Dudzinski, Dean Bernal, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez, Bernd Würsig. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan

DIRECTOR: Greg MacGillivray

PRODUCER: Greg MacGillivray, Alec Lorimore

SCRIPT: Tim Cahill, Steve Judson

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Brad Ohlund, Bob Talbot, Paul Atkins

EDITOR: Steve Judson

MUSIC: Sting

RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: April 6, 2000 (Melbourne); April 13 (Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide)

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