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"Jesusí Son begins with a triple epiphany of ternary-meter tunes.

The melancholy country blues of Floyd Kramerís Last Date and the sweet string-laden romanticism of Barbara Masonís Yes, Iím Ready, are bisected by Joe Tex with the peerless deep south soul/blues of The Love You Save (May Be Your Own).

Thereís a downside to this disc, "So, Stop!" and inhale the sweet sound of Joeís smoother-than-bourbon drawl. No barmen can serve a slick of Southern Comfort that succours the soul to this extent.

Although veering from triple-time treats, the slide does not begin with the next track Ė an intrepid offering from the albumís co-producer Joe Henry. If singing in the shadow of Ray Charles and Joe Cocker isnít daunting enough, a cover of Unchain My Heart has to carry the stigma (for the Australian market) of GST endorsement. "You know darn well that I donít stand a chance" seems an apropos lyric, but with more than a bit of help from his backing singers and some tight, rolling toms and funky bass, Henry makes it good value (even after the tax slug). In a way, itís appropriate that a cut from a movie called Jesusí Son is the redemption of this politically abused soul classic.

Unfortunately, itís soon followed by the title track, the advent of which heralds a less-than-heavenly kingdom of country kitsch that reaches its nadir with the final track. Listening to Wilcoís Airline to Heaven is more like taking a bus to the bush. It meanders along, rustically languishing in a limbo between Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, or more accurately in an entirely different dimension.

So, a hard CD to rate overall: do four or five heavenly tracks redeem the sinful sundry? Of course. After all, the only means by which a critic can save himself from dissolution is the occasional gesture of compassion."
Brad Green

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TITLE: Jesusí Son (original motion picture soundtrack)

ID: MR-65505-2


FEATURED ARTISTS: Joe Henry, Wilco, Doug Sahm, Raiders, The Louvin Brothers, Floyd Cramer, Tommy Roe, Joe Tex, Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson, SSgt. Barry Sadler, Barbara Mason

ALBUM PRODUCER: Randall Poster, Joe Henry, Tony Margherita


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