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Natalie (Cameron Diaz), Alex (Lucy Liu) and Dylan (Drew Barrymore) all work for Charlie - of the Charles Townsend Detective Agency. With their loyal mentor Bosley (Bill Murray), they solve crimes for the agency’s rich clients. When they’re approached by Vivian Wood (Kelly Lynch) to solve the disappearance of her software genius partner Knox (Sam Rockwell), it all looks a bit too easy. Vivian fingers communications tycoon Roger Corwin (Tim Curry) as the culprit; as Corwin is eager to get hold of Knox’s voice recognition software which, patched into Corwin’s satellites would mean every mobile phone was a homing device - the end of privacy as we know it. But as the Angels dig into the case, all is not what it seems.

"They're hot - and also as cool as cucumbers, frivolous, funny and beautiful to boot. Charlie's Angels seduce us with their charms in a visual explosion of colour, style and action. Escapism from start to finish with plenty of gorgeous clothes, extravagant stunts and a staple Hollywood script fuelled by energy, the emphasis is on fun. Plenty of it. So if it's an uplifting dose of tongue-in-cheek dazzle you are looking for, you needn't look much further. Music video director McG propels the film with his contagious enthusiasm and flair that obviously infected the whole cast. "His enthusiasm is so catching" says Tim Curry in one of the many special features on this DVD. "It's like a glorious disease - you get all G'd up!" Drew Barrymore recalls "his belief in us made us work better and harder; I don't think I could love another human being as much."

The DVD is crammed with features, from the Welcome to Angel World Documentary which gives an overview of the project from the filmmakers' point of view, to the outtakes and bloopers and music scenes. McG wanted it to feel like a gigantic, fun, joyous storybook; each page revealing a different look and feel, using plenty of reds, golden yellows and monochromatic sets. I especially enjoyed the 7 minute Master and the Angels feature which gives us an insight into the intensive three months' martial arts training the girls went through ("It was a very painful experience," says Lucy Liu). We watch Martial Arts choreographer Cheung Yan Yuen (The Matrix) at work with the girls as they go through their conditioning, strength and wire training.

If you're fascinated by the filmmaking process and how the stunts are done, you'll thoroughly enjoy this DVD, and in the commentary, director McG and cinematographer Russell Carpenter appear to relive the entire experience as they talk through shot after shot, stunt after stunt.

A kind of female James Bond threefold, Charlie's Angels on DVD offers much more than you expect and is a genuinely uplifting piece of spectacular nonsense."
Louise Keller

Published May 31, 2001

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CAST: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray
DIRECTOR: Joseph McGinty Nichol
RUNNING TIME: 98 minutes
DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
DVD RELEASE: May 23, 2001

‘Welcome to Angel World’ Documentary; ‘Getting G’d Up’ Documentary; ‘The Master and the Angels’ Documentary; Angelic Attire: Dressing Cameron, Drew and Lucy Liu; Angelic Effects; Wired Angels; Deleted and Extended Scenes; Outtakes and Bloopers; Music Videos; Filmographies; Theatrical Trailer; Director and Cinematographer Commentary; Languages: English and Hungarian; Subtitles; English, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Hindi, Hebrew, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic.

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