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Taipei detective Huang Huo-tu (Tony Leung kai-fai) is demoted to a backwater post as Foreign Liaison Officer after embarrassing the department by whistleblowing on corruption. And his wife (Rene Liu) is chasing him aggressively for a divorce. When a serial killer terrorises Taipei, with a singular trademark of black fungus on the victim’s brain, the authorities call in the FBI, who send in specialist agent Kevin Richter (David Morse). Now Huang has an official job, escorting and helping Richter. But if they’re too successful, it will again embarrass the department … despite that risk, the pair get on the case. They soon discover an obscure and dangerous Taoist diagram that leads them to suspect that a supernatural force is involved. Or is it just a cunning killer?

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
A gripping bi-lingual drama with spiritual/mystic overtones, Double Vision is a well crafted entertainment with an intriguing premise. Taking a classic Hollywood storyline, imbuing it with Chinese mystical beliefs and transposing it into the politically charged atmosphere of 21st Century Taiwan, award-winning Taiwanese filmmaker Kuo-fu Chen has created his country’s first suspense thriller and its biggest budget film to date. 

Its only weakness is a tendency to get bogged down by a complication in the story that confuses the audience – never a good thing unless you’re doing it intentionally like Greenaway, say. It’s his second film dealing with the supernatural, this time the premise being that immortality is attainable. David Morse and Tony Leung are effective as a team of ethnically and culturally diverse (but forced to work together) cops, and they infuse the action with a veracity that is refreshing. 

Great stunts including fires, graphic fight scenes and sophisticated morphs that combine motion-controlled live action with CGI work and a few modest but effective effects mark this is a welcome entry from Taiwan, and its setting in Taipei adds to the interest. Around forty local locations were used, with an additional Melbourne location doubling for the United States.

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(Hong Kong/Taiwan)

Shuang tong

CAST: Tony Leung Ka Fai, David Morse, Rene Liu, Dai Li-ren, Yang Kuei-mei

PRODUCER: Kuo-fu Chen

DIRECTOR: Kuo-fu Chen

SCRIPT: Kuo-fu Chen, Zhao-bin Su


EDITOR: Kuo-fu Chen

MUSIC: Sin-yun Lee


RUNNING TIME: 110 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: Sydney/Melbourne: November 7th - 21st; Adelaide: November 28 - December 12; Perth: December 5 – 12.

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