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Belfast lads Fergus (Jimeoin) and Wesley (Alan McKee) are having a quiet ale at a local pub in Ireland, when they have a rude encounter with local bully Colin (Robert Morgan), unwittingly walking into a British S.A.S. raid. In order to escape Colin's vengeance, Fergus and Wesley flee to Sydney where they outstay their visitors' visas, and are pursued by Immigration. But mad bugger Colin has turned informer and is in Australia as a protected witness; when he comes across the two lads, he intedns to be rude back....with a vengeance.

Review by Louise Keller:
Released for the first time on DVD, Jimeoin's spirited and irreverent comedy The Craic, sparkles with raw energy and humour derived from observation of life's oddities. There are no frills, but plenty of heart in this road movie that canvasses the misadventures of two lovable Irish rogues.

Performances are understated yet quirky with Jimeoin showcased as a natural talent. Together with Alan McKee, the two Guinness lovers with the broad brogue (at times hard to decipher) make an endearing couple, from the surf in Bondi to the dusty desert of the outback.

There's plenty of Aussie flavour - from cane toads and kangaroos to flies and crows, displayed with an up-tempo soundtrack and occasional references to Irish pipes. But the greatest appeal comes from the warm, gentle humour that is carelessly tossed. You need to keep a sharp look out to observe some of the visual gags and more subtle humorous moments. There's an inventive creative thought process at work here, well translated with Ted Emery's keen direction.

Engaging, eccentric and delightfully amusing, it doesn't even matter whether you know the meaning of the title - it's a feel-good chuckle from start to finish.

Roadshow Entertainment has also included a short film from the Australian Film and Television School, offering a platform for Phillip Joseph's 1996 cautionary tale The World Today about two neighbours and a lawnmower.

Published: July 1, 2004

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CAST: Jimeoin, Bob Franklin, Colin Hay, Robert Morgan, Bob Halsall, Alan McKee


SCRIPT: Jimeoin

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes


SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical trailer; The World Today 1996 - short from AFTRS by Phillip Joseph


DVD RELEASE: July 8, 2004

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