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Beau, a handsome blue push bike, catches sight of Bec, a beautiful pink bike, one afternoon in Rimside. But Harley, a tough guy with designs of his own on Bec, tries to muscle in. Inevitably, Beau and Harley confront each other for the right to lead Bec by her handle bars into the sunset.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
No wonder Andrew Goode's film will have screened at some 45 film festivals around the world by the end of September 2004 (winning several awards in the process), from Sweden to Latvia, from USA to Chile. A spectacular achievement of imagination and digital cinematic arts and crafts, this charming story of a love triangle between three push bikes is as visually fresh as A Bug's Life.

The 3D CGI work is beautifully rendered, brightly coloured and as smooth as live action. The bikes are given characters, not just characteristics, and Ross McLennan's orchestral score is wonderfully rich and dynamic, obviating the need for dialogue. The DVD includes extras that explore the process of creating the film. No patronising spiels, just some strong visual background pieces. In the full screen mode, you can watch the whole film being put together in four stages, from storyboard, layout to animation and final, all playing simultaneously. Wonderful stuff.

(I watched it on a 106 cm plasma screen with the volume at cinema level, and recommend the experience.)

The town of Rimside is populated by an amazing array of bike characters, ranging from Police and ambulance bikes to teenagers speeding on handrails using the pedals as if they were skateboards. There are three wheeler vendors selling nick nacks, hardhatted workmen bikes down manholes, and even birds who poop nuts. Plus the faithful rollerblade, Bec's pet. The world of Rimside, a bike town whose cinema is showing BMX Bandits III and Pump Friction, is never still, and the energy of the film is one of its great achievements.

And of course, there's the superbly staged action: the duels between Beau and Harley (Bec’s ex, if the ‘sorry’ note dangling on his h’bars is anything to go by), delivered with great zest, as the bikes fight for the affections of the shapely Bec.

Love Tricycle is an original and an absolute triumph (bike lovers' pun, intended).

Published August 19, 2004

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CAST: n/a


PRODUCER: Andrew Goode

DIRECTOR: Andrew Goode

SCRIPT: Andrew Goode

CINEMATOGRAPHER: (3D computer animation)

MUSIC: Ross McLennan


RUNNING TIME: 14 minutes

PRESENTATION: 16:9; main DD 5.1; music & effects 2.0

SPECIAL FEATURES: Production comparisons; extra soundtracks (music or FX); gallery of 874 images (concept and production art, 3D objects; trailer; production notes, crew bios.

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Rendition Films (through lovetricycle.com and dvdorchard.com.au)

DVD RELEASE: August 1, 2004

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