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Emerging filmmaker Dagan Herceg relates his experience making his debut feature at Australia’s unique film school the Participate Film Academy in Redfern, which is the only one where students get to make a feature film, Horizons Crossing, which has its premiere this week at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter Hoyts cinemas.

The film was shot entirely by 8 students of the course, most of which haven't picked up a camera before in their lives. But when we were delayed after filming all the students left the course and I was determined to complete the film. After directing the film and learning how to edit I left my job and focused the next year on editing the film which is now ready and looking great! Horizons Crossing has been picked up by Hoyts in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for a limited screening after our lavish red carpet premiere on August 10. 

Furthermore the event will raise funds for underprivileged talented students to receive the same opportunity, which is a real steppingstone into Australia's daunting film industry. The school is the only one of it's kind which allows students to create a full length feature film, giving them the most experience possible. 

At this stage I am trying to get as much word out there as possible and your I think your audience may find the event of interest. What do you think is this something that may be relevant in your website as an interview, upcoming film and trailer? 

Horizons Crossing: After surviving an almost fatal fall, Abby is haunted by visions of two lovers being threatened. Believing she can save them, Abby becomes drawn into the mysterious world that exists between life and death. As the stakes grow higher and her behaviour grows more erratic, how much of herself will she risk?

Published August 5, 2011

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