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Big screen, small screen, the Screen Music Awards recognise screen composition irrespective of screen size – or gender of the composer. The nominees include newcomers as well as experienced composers, such as Antony Partos, whose name appears in three nominations – two of them in the same category (mini series or telemovie).

The 2012 Screen Music Awards, presented by APRA and the AGSC, will be held on Monday November 19 at BMW Edge at Federation Square, Melbourne and will be hosted by The Chaser’s Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen.

Feature Film Score of the Year:
Title: Burning Man
Composer: Lisa Gerrard
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia P/L

Title: Needle
Composer: Jamie Blanks

Title: Santa’s Apprentice
Composer: Nerida Tyson-Chew
Publishers: Fintage Publishing Australia BV obo 
Avrill Stark Entertainment Pty Ltd

Title: Storm Surfers 3D

Composers: Richard Tognetti / Michael Yezerski

Best Music for a Documentary

Title: Gallipoli from Above
Composer: Dale Cornelius
Publisher: Native Tongue Music Publishing

Title: Seduction in the City: The Birth of Shopping
Composer: Caitlin Yeo

Title: The Impossible Lens: The True Story of Dr Jim Frazier
Composer: Russell Thornton

Title: Tiger Dynasty
Composer: Brett Aplin

Best Music for a Short Film
Title: Aurora
Composer: Christopher Larkin

Title: Boston Tommy
Composer: Jonathan Dreyfus
Publisher: Source Music Pty Ltd

Title: My Constellation
Composer: Bruce Heald
Publisher: Noise International Pty Ltd

Title: This Dog’s Life
Composer: Roger Mason

Best Soundtrack Album
Title Cloudstreet
Composer Bryony Marks
Publisher Source Music Pty Ltd

Title: The Slap
Composers: Michael Lira* / Jono Ma* / Antony Partos* / Irine Vela
Publisher: Sonar Music Pty Ltd*

Title: The Straits 
Composer: David Bridie
Publisher: Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

Title: Underbelly Razor
Composer: Burkhard Dallwitz

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Title: Animula Vagula from Exitus Roma
Composer: Leah Curtis

Title: Hey Hootabelle from Giggle & Hoot
Composer: Lior Attar
Publishers: ABC Music Publishing / Mushroom Music Pty Ltd 

Title: Love Finds a Way from Shopping
Composers: Will Kuether / Russell Thornton 

Title: The Goodnight Song from The Disney Channel
Composers: Kylie Burtland / Chloe Cassidy

Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie
Title: Beaconsfield
Composer: Stephen Rae

Title: Dripping in Chocolate 

Composer: Matteo Zingales
Publisher: Supersonic Pty Limited

Title: MABO
Composer: Antony Partos
Publisher: Sonar Music Pty Ltd 

Title: The Slap

Composer: Antony Partos
Publisher: Sonar Music Pty Ltd

Published October 18, 2012

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The 2012 Screen Music Awards (presented by APRA and the AGSC)will be held on Monday November 19 at BMW Edge at Federation Square, Melbourne and will be hosted by The Chaser’s Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen.

Burning Man – Lisa Gerrard

Santa’s Apprentice – Nerida Tyson-Chew

Storm Surfers 3D - Richard Tognetti & Michael Yezersk

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