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"We had lunch and then in three minutes he said, `Oh, fuck it, will you do it, and I said, `Oh fuck it, if you're going to direct it, let's go.'"  -Rod Taylor on how he accepted the part of Daddy-O in Welcome to Woop Woop at lunch with Steph Elliott
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The year is 2015, and more than half the Earth's population is dead, victims of the first attack by a mysterious race of beings known as the Angels. To save what remains of Mankind, the human race must place its trust in the mysterious NERV agency and its awesome avatars, the giant bio-mechanical Evangelions. Humanoid in form, these monstrous creations are the only force on Earth that can break through the Angels' Absolute Terror Fields long enough to literally tackle the massive invaders in bloody hand to hand combat. However, even with these technological miracles, the odds are stacked against Humanity, for only a handful of teenagers are capable of piloting an Evangelion … each of whom was born exactly nine months after the Angels' first attack! Was accelerated evolution responsible for the providential birth of these unexpected saviours… or are there much darker forces at work in the depths of NERV? The ultimate battle for the future of Mankind has begun.

"Combining elements of science fiction, mythology, philosophy and religion, Neon Genesis Evangelion explodes in a lively, garishly coloured animated series with hip, contemporary characters that are both thought provoking and entertaining. This is not the usual kind of theme for animation, nor are the characters flowery, sugary or fantasy-like. They're down to earth, funky characters to which we can relate and with whom to empathise. One of the first interesting things to notice about this series that has become a phenomenon in Japan, is that all the characters, despite having Japanese names, have western features. There are no subtitles here, the language is dubbed. The music is dramatic, the colours are vibrant, the editing is slick, and the action is exciting. The story introduces a 14 year old black-haired anti-hero with blue eyes and a cute plaintive look, as the series' pivotal character with whom we embark on the journey of good versus evil. Powerfully displaying human elements and emotions to which we can easily relate, Neon Genesis is intelligent viewing – engrossing animation that will attract a cult following, and start a small revolution in the video store."
Louise Keller

14 years old, the Third child and pilot of Evangelion Unio 01. When he arrives at NERV Headquarters in the first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it has been ten years since he has seen his father. His father's absence, coupled with the death of his mother when he was very young, has forced Shinji to develop an odd sort of self-sufficiency but left him unable to relate well to others. Despite his seeming calm, when piloting Evangelion Unit 01, Shinji is given to bouts of paralyzing fear followed by fits of berserk rage. He is strongly attracted to the mysterios Rei Ayanami though he does not know why.

14 years old, the First Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 00. Before Neon Genesis Evangelion begins, the enigmatic Rei was severely injured in an activation experiment. Rei very seldom speaks and, when she does, her words are often as enigmatic as she is. Like Shinji, she has problems interacting with others and keeps to herself, although she seems to share a strange bond with Gendo Ikari, Shinji's father.

14 years old, the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. Unit 02 was built and tested in Germany; Asuka, while an American citizen, is a mixture of German and Japanese. Unlike the other Children, she is loud, brash and outgoing. Asuka is very aggressive in battle and will not admit defeat.

29 years old, Operations Manager for NERV. Daring, decisive and innovative, Misato has been entrusted with the responsibility of running NERV's battle operations. While she fulfills the duties of her job admirably, her personal life is somewhat wilder. She acts as guardian to Shinji Ikari.

30 years old, head scientist for the Evangelion Project. Ritsuko's mother created Magi, the super computer that controls NERV. Seemingly cool and confident, Ritsuko is often more worried about NERV's actions that she is willing to let anyone see.

Although it is clear that Ryoji's position in NERV is very important, it is never clear just what it is that he does, or who he really works for.

Commander of NERV and director of the Human Instrumentality Project. Cold, ruthless and self-confident, he commands NERV with a stern and unyielding hand. Very early in Neon Genesis Evangelion, it becomes evident that Gendo is following a mysterious agenda known only to himself.

The Multi-Purpose Fighting Machines which NERV has built in order to combat the giant Angels. These giant creations function through a cerebral-nerve link with their operators. Despite their giant robot appearance, there is something deeper and more mysterious surrounding the origins of these behemoths.

Possessing a variety of forms that go beyond the concepts of living and non-living entities, they are the enemy, threatening mankind's existence with superscientific capabilities. They cannot be harmed by conventional weaponry because of their AT field. Their objective is to be one with Adam. Once this is accomplished, humanity will perish in an event called The Third Impact.

An organization directly attached to the United Nations, the existence of which is not known to the general public. Possessing super-advanced science and technology, it developed and possesses the Evangelion Angel-interceptor weapons, and serves as their secret base. Ikari Gendou is Nerv's Supreme Commander. The official agenda of NERV is the protection of Humanity against the Angels, although the real agenda may be entirely different.

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DIRECTOR: Hideaki Anno

PRODUCER: Noriko Kobayashi, Yutaka Sugiyama



MUSIC: Shiroh Sagisu

ART DIRECTOR: Hiroshi Kato

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