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Sully (voice of John Goodman) is the champion monster 'scarer' in the Monstropolis factory run by Henry J. Waternoose (voice of James Coburn), where children's screams are collected as an energy source. Sully works as a team with his best friend Mike (voice of Billy Crystal), a rotund green one-eyed monster on spindly legs betrothed to (voice of Jennifer Tilly). The monsters are finding it increasingly difficult to scare the children, with whom contact is forbidden, as they are considered to be toxic. When Boo (voice of Mary Gibbs) is locked out of her portal, Sully befriends her and monster reptile Randall Biggs (voice of Steve Buscemi) sees this as his chance to take Sully's champion position.

Review by Louise Keller:
With its imaginative concepts delightfully executed, Monsters Inc is a colourful splash of monstrous wit and charm guaranteed to send you happily into nonsense land for 92 enjoyable minutes. The script is spiked with puns and in-jokes, and the characters will put a broad smile on your face, whatever your age. Now in 3D, the filmmakers have created a wonderful reality - the reality of Monstropolis, which like the worlds of Oz and Pleasantville, whisk us far, far away on a magic carpet of fantasy.

It is films like this that are true family entertainment; it is hard to say whether the children or the adults will enjoy it more. The monsters will certainly not scare the little ones - they are far too cute. Besides, the monsters are terrified of the children, which is a nice about turn. The concept is simple but inspired, the notion being that each door opens up a different world - be it in Japan, Paris, the tropics or even chilly destinations where the abominable snowman questions his abominability.

It is unthinkable for a monsters like Sully to get attached to a child, and the poignant scene with Sully and Boo (Boo calls him 'Kitty'), was enough to make my eyes moist. But this is the magic of Pixar. We connect with the characters and they become real to us. Never mind that Sully is a furry purple and turquoise horned monster with huge feet and heart to match: he is irresistible. John Goodman's booming voice matches his character perfectly. Billy Crystal's one-eyed Mike is fun and all the voices are great. Steve Buscemi's Randall is a pretty cool, able to disappear and change colour at wil,l while Jennifer Tilly's octopussy with unusual hair is beguiling.

Now in 3D, Monsters Inc is a truly magical world where hearts are elevated and screams turn to laughter.

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(US, 2013)

VOICES: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, Steve Buscemi, Frank Oz

PRODUCER: Darla K. Anderson

DIRECTOR: Docter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich

SCRIPT: Dan Gerson, Andrew Stanton (Jill Culton, Peter Docter, Ralph Eggleston, Dan Gerson, Jeff Pedgeon - story; Rhett Reese, additional screenplay material)


EDITOR: James Austin Stewart

MUSIC: Randy Newman

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Harley Jessup, Bob Pauley

RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Walt Disney Studio Pictures

AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: January 17, 2013 (2D released December 26, 2001)

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