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Paulie is a parrot who can speak -- not mimic -- but actually converse. Paulie's first owner and first love is a little girl named Marie (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) who raises him. Helping Marie overcome a painful stutter gives Paulie the gift of the gab, but doesn't prevent Marie's parents from sending Paulie away when they feel she is becoming too attached to him. Undeterred, the loyal little parrot begins a long cross country search to find his young owner. Along the way, Paulie has some remarkable encounters with a unique cross-section of people, some who want to help and some who see the extraordinary bird as a means to their own ends. He even finds love with a singing parrot owned by Ignacio (Cheech Marin), a street vendor. But nothing can stop him from his mission to find Marie - except perhaps his own big mouth!

"Delightful from start to finish, Paulie is a heartwarming tale about a parrot with personality plus and a heart of solid gold. It’s actually a road movie with plenty for all ages to enjoy; life’s lessons learned along the way are never preached. Laurie Craig’s first major studio script is a terrific one, cleverly integrating the premise of the talking bird in a non-contrived way: the sequence of events flows naturally. From the outset, Paulie is established as a real character. Once the initial supposition is accepted, it's easy to be captivated on an enchanting, poignant and whimsical magical journey. The cast is excellent – Tony Shalhoub, Gena Rowlands, Cheech Marin, all class acts. Hallie Kate Eisenberg is adorable as dimpled, five year old Marie, while Jay Mohr delivers the punch as the voice of Paulie (as well as a welcome cameo appearance). Wait till you see Paulie’s feathered lady love, the luscious Lupe, wearing her Carmen Miranda hat as she executes a vivacious song and dance routine. John Debney’s diverse and complex musical score combines Latin rhythms with gorgeous melodies integrated into rich orchestrations. Warm, witty, sad and funny with an off-beat sense of humour bordering on the absurd, Paulie delivers more than you expect. It’s a delightful journey with intriguing characters and a lot of heart; as the French would say – c’est sympa."
Louise Keller

"Hi, I'm Gaby. If you haven't seen any of my other reviews, I am three years old. I've been to see Paulie, which is a movie about a bird called Paulie. He is very pretty, and he can talk! Just like you and me. Daddy says Paulie's voice is done by Jay Mohr, who is Benny - but I just can't see that. Paulie has lots of adventures, and along the way he helps people, even though it sometimes gets him into trouble. My Daddy says the movie has a great cast, but I haven't seen any of these people before. He laughed when Ignacio came into the story - he said one day he'll tell me about Cheech and Chong (whoever they are). Daddy told me that Gena Rowlands, who is Ivy, has been in a lot of great movies and has been nominated for Oscars. I don't understand why she'd want to have a man's name, but it's supposed to be a pretty big deal. I thought all the people in it were really good; but Paulie was the best. He's funny and does some silly things. I didn't really get the end bit; but Daddy says it was quite touching and that I'll understand it more when I'm older. Even though Madeline was better because she had a puppy, I really liked Paulie."
Gaby & David Edwards

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CAST: Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Bruce Davidson, Jay Mohr, Trini Alvarado, Buddy Hackett, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Matt Craven, Bill Cobbs, Tia Texanda, Laura Harrington

DIRECTOR: John Roberts

PRODUCER: Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn, Allison Lyon Segan

SCRIPT: Laurie Craig

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Tony Pierce-Roberts

EDITOR: Bruce Cannon

MUSIC: John Debney

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Dennis Washington

RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes




VIDEO RELEASE: July 9, 1999

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