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How To Make Sure You Donít Miss Brussels Film Festival

Brussels in Belgium is fast becoming one of the coolest and chicest places to visit in Europe, with its fabulous food, awesome nightlife, numerous museums, fab shopping, trendy bars, small town charm and diverse range of festivals and exhibitions. Itís also a growing attraction for those passionate about anything art, fashion and design- the ultimate creative mecca!

The town of Brussels is now notorious for Belgian designers that are growing in notoriety and that doesnít stop there, their theatre and film industry is booming too! The creativity in Belgium is most famously encapsulated in the annual Brussels Film Festival which draws in thousands of film fans as well as some pretty significant names in the world of cinema.

About Brussels Film Festival
Brussels Film Festival is one of the largest celebrations of European cinema in the world- over 9 days you can expect a whole host of celebrations, surprises and diverse range of activities to greet you every step of the way. You will need to prepare to discover A LOT of film; 70 long and short European films carefully selected from a collection of over 800 from more than 15 different countries. Expect to also participate in seeing open-air screenings, movie premiers and spot your favourite film starts wandering about- itís a wonderfully exciting opportunity for passionate film fans. This much anticipated event is growing in notoriety and popularity as the years go on.

Getting Around
Brussels is so small in size that itís easy to visit and not have to use any form of public transport through the duration of your stay. If you do require transportation, Brussels offers a wide range of cheap travel options and they even love to have your beloved pets in the city too- why not make a family break of it and bring your pet too?

European Health Insurance
Be sure to check you have an EHIC card or apply for EHIC card renewal before you set off to enjoy the Brussels Film Festival. The EHIC will entitle you to free or massively discounted medical care should you need it. Accidents can happen anywhere so be sure to get the EHIC alongside your usual travel insurance policy to add some much needed peace of mind to your stay in Belgium.

Place To Stay
Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation types to suit every taste and budget, from hotels, hostels, apartments, near-airport accommodation to luxury accommodation types- there is something for everyone. Why not try the latest trend and look on Airbnb for the more unique travel experience?

Getting There
Getting to Belgium is beyond easy and fairly cheap for us Brits. You can either get the Eurostar to Belgium or grab a super short flight for a very low price. Get booking- you have no excuse to not be able to attend.

The next Brussels Film Festival will run from the 16th to 23rd June in 2017- get excited and get packing!

Published January 9, 2017

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