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A selection of top Aussie sports films

Australians are passionate about sports- from football, to rugby, to tennis- they are fervent and enthusiastic about every aspect of it from participation to spectating to gambling on the outcome of their favourite teams or athlete. By a Special Correspondent.

For those that like to have a flutter on top sporting events here is a pointer in the direction of some great free bets Australia 2017, but for those that like to combine their love of sports with cinema- read on for a list of some of the best Australian sports movies, documentaries, and series ever.

Save Your Legs
This film was received with mixed reviews upon release but we stand by the statement that we think it is a pretty great film. The story revolves around Edward “Teddy” Brown and two of his cricketing team-mates who go on a tour of India. What ensues is a mixture of comedy, unfortunate events, the testing of friendships, and life-changing adventure against a backdrop in the heart of India. Released at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2012 it was rated a 4/5 and labelled as “a feel-good Australian comedy…even for those with no interest in Cricket”.

The Will to Fly
This documentary was released in 2016 and tells the story of the Olympic aerial skiing champion, Lydia Lassila. It focuses on her sporting comeback and her attempt to complete one of the most athletically challenging, complicated, and hardcore manoeuvres ever. The documentary went on to win Best Documentary and Best Mountain Culture Film at the Whistler Film Festival that year.

This 2016 TV series is based on the 2013 novel of the same name and focuses on the journey of a talented swimmer at a Melbourne private school after they acquire a scholarship. It tackles issues of race, class, background, and privilege and tells the story of the protagonists budding friendship with the coach and other team mates. The series received such critical acclaim that rights for distribution were acquired for both the UK and South Africa.

We couldn’t talk about Aussie sports movies and not include one about surfing. Drift is a 2013 film set at the beginning of the surging phenomena in the early 1970’s and it tells the tale of two brothers trying to become the top of their game in the local surfing scene. It was a huge success on the local scene and won a selection of nominations and awards.

The Warriors
Whilst this TV Series is yet to be released (as at March 2017), it is already being tipped as a must watch for sports enthusiasts. Described as a television comedy drama, it is set to explore the realities of professional sport as told by athletes, sports people, and beginners who all live together in a shared house.

So these are our top tips for the must watch films, series, and documentaries focusing on sport in Australia.

Published March 15, 2017

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