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How to Get American Netflix When You are in Australia?

Streaming services are on the rise these days. Even though Netflix, the most popular American streaming site, has existed for more than 10 years, it has never been this widely used. There are several other online movie and content streaming websites available these days, but nothing comes even close to the variety and quality that American Netflix offers. In fact, you don't stream content anymore- you Netflix. Yes, it's a verb.

However, there is a catch. Since Netflix is based on your region, all content that's available on American Netflix is only for people in the US. Similarly, the Netflix you get in your country is not accessible for people in other countries. This is because of geological restrictions.

What is a Geoblock?

To put it simply, geoblock basically means that an online channel can only be watched in a certain region and not from outside that particular geographical region. Geoblocking was first started by Netflix, and other major streaming sites have also followed suit. Distributors and production studios are the ones responsible for the geoblock. Netflix is helpless because they are under pressure from producers to restrict content within a certain region. This has led to outrage, with many people asking how to get American Netflix.

Is It Possible To Watch American Netflix Outside USA?

The simple answer would be no. But people are always looking for ways that would let them access blocked content. Besides, the American Netflix library has more variety than Netflix in any other country. Naturally, people outside the US are asking how to get American Netflix.

There are two most popular ways of accessing American Netflix if you are outside the US: Using a VPN or using Smart DNS.

The first option is the more widely used method for unlocking Netflix and other streaming sites. When you use a Virtual Private Network, your data passes through a secure tunnel. This encryption prevents anyone outside the server to snoop on your data. Your traffic cannot be tracked by anyone.

Since VPNs have servers in several countries, you can connect to a US server to access American Netflix. This is called a proxy server and does not let Netflix know your original location. A lot of VPNs do not work for Netflix, but there are a few that are still capable of unblocking Netflix and other streaming services.

The downside to unblocking Netflix with a VPN is that it severely slows down the speed. This is one reason why unblocking Netflix with Smart DNS is a better idea.

Smart DNS simply changes the DNS of your device when accessing geo-blocked content. When you access American Netflix with Smart DNS, you appear to be using a device located in the US. It doesn't have any other function like encryption or proxy server. The result is that your speed doesn't get slowed down.

A lot of internet service providers do not support Smart DNS. In such cases, using a VPN is a better option.

No method is completely foolproof. It largely depends on trial and error to find out which method works best for accessing American Netflix.

Published November 28, 2017

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