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Belfast lads Fergus (Jimeoin) and Wesley (Alan McKee) are having a quiet ale at a local pub in Ireland, when they have a rude encounter with local bully Colin (Robert Morgan), unwittingly walking into a British S.A.S. raid. In order to escape Colin's vengeance, Fergus and Wesley flee to Sydney where they outstay their visitors' visas, and are pursued by Immigration. But mad bugger Colin has turned informer and is in Australia as a protected witness; when he comes across the two lads, he intedns to be rude back….with a vengeance.

"Spirited and irreverent, Jimeoin's The Craic sparkles with raw energy from humour derived from observation of life's oddities, rather than a belly laugh. There are no frills, but there's a lot of heart in this road movie that canvasses the misadventures of two lovable Irish rogues. The performances are understated yet quirky, Jimeoin showcased as a natural talent. Together with Alan McKee, the two Guinness lovers with the broad brogue (at times hard to decipher) make an endearing couple, from the surf in Bondi to the dusty desert of the outback. There's plenty of Aussie flavour – from cane toads and kangaroos to flies and crows, displayed with an uptempo soundtrack and occasional references to Irish pipes. But the greatest appeal comes from the warm, gentle humour that is carelessly tossed. You need to keep a sharp look out to observe some of the visual gags and more subtle humorous moments. There's an inventive creative thought process at work here, well translated with Ted Emery's keen direction. Engaging, eccentric and delightfully amusing, it doesn't even matter whether you know the meaning of the title – it's a feel-good chuckle from start to finish."
Louise Keller

"Ya know, it’s the Irish…poets, they are, and gentle souls, philosophers and that. Here is how it comes out, a joke with a soft punchline, a jest that carries melancholy like a nurse with a baby, and a silly larrikin spirit that connects with the Australian psyche. Ted Emery, a tv comedy specialist, allows the script’s languid pace to set the beat for the movie, which means you are never jerked about in a spasm of pushy jokes. Laid back it is, to be savoured as a good pint of Guinness might be, if I had one right now. Well, bejesus, I’ll go and get one while you go off and see this movie."
Andrew L. Urban

"Craic is an Irish term for (basically) a good time or light-hearted fun - a remarkably appropriate title for this film from director Ted Emery and writer/producer/actor Jimeoin. It’s a far-from-serious road movie that manages to maintain its Irish influence while tapping into the Australian sense of humour. Although the plot won’t tax anyone with its complexity, The Craic is an amiable comedy of bizarre coincidences. As with many comedies, a few of the scenes fall flat, but when they work, they are hilarious. Erstwhile Irish comic and now Aussie demi-icon Jimeoin makes an affable hero with a "she’ll be right" attitude, and he’s ably supported by Alan McKee as Wesley. Robert Morgan’s Colin is not entirely believable; but the character is so grotesque, that was always going to be a struggle. Colin Hay makes a fair fist of his savvy SAS agent and there’s a welcome cameo appearance by the irrepressible Bud Tingwell as a farmer with a crow problem. There’s a supporting cast of minor characters portraying various Australians encountered by Fergus and Wesley as they traverse the country - with those in an outback pub particularly worthy of mention. The Craic is a straight-ahead film that plays it strictly for the laughs and doesn’t worry about any deeper messages. It’s a likeable little comedy that (unlike the protagonists’ visas) doesn’t outstay its welcome. "
David Edwards

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Andrew L. Urban goes
ON LOCATION during the making of The Craic.


CAST: Jimeoin, Bob Franklin, Colin Hay, Robert Morgan, Bob Halsall, Alan McKee


PRODUCER: Marc Gracie, David Foster, Jimeoin

SCRIPT: Jimeoin


EDITOR: Michael Collins

MUSIC: Ricky Edwards


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes



VIDEO RELEASE: January 11, 2000


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