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Top 3 must-watch sports betting based movies

Sports betting and gambling have been used as themes for Hollywood movies for many decades now. However, finding good movies that take the viewers into the depths of the sports betting and gambling world are often difficult to find. Furthermore, whenever the entertainment industry uses this theme, it normally ventures into various directions including comedy, thrillers and sometimes movies based on true stories.

Although people have gradually moved to online platforms like Sbat for their sports betting and gambling needs, they can still explore and relate to the characters depicted in these movies. Most of these films revolve around the theme ‘what goes up, must come down’, which is central to both sports betting as well as the movies based on sports betting.

Let’s now take you through the top 3 must-watch movies based on sports betting and gambling.

This movie is essentially about John Sayles’ recounting the popular Black Sox incident of the year 1919", when the Chicago team deliberately lost the World Series, in collusion with the organised gambling powers of that time.

This sports betting movie is based on the true story of 1919 Black Sox scandal. To tell you about it in brief, the movie shows the scandal from the context of the labour dispute that had been going on between the power hungry White Sox team owner and the players. It also shows how Arnold Rothstein, the mobster, took undue advantage of that dispute.

An immensely delightful movie, Lay the Favourite was directed by Stephen Frears. It’s about Beth Raymer who gives up her dancing job at a strip club, in order to become a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. A professional punter, Dink sees through the bubbly exteriors of Beth Raymer, and offers her a job of placing bets throughout the town, in order to gain an edge over the local casinos.

As Beth is extremely good with numbers, she’s the perfect candidate for the job. However, Dink has a gorgeous yet frigid wife, who starts getting jealous of Beth. Over the long term, Dink is left with no choice but to disassociate from Beth, and when he does that, his luck also runs out. Eventually, Beth finds a job in New York with a bookie, but the turn of events find her on the wrong side of the law.

Another hugely popular sports betting based film, Diggstown is about Gabriel Caine, who has just been released from the prison. Upon his release, Gabriel gets into a bet with the businessman who owns majority of the Diggstown, a town whose people are crazy about boxing.

The bet is essentially about Gabriel finding a boxer capable of knocking out 10 of the Diggstown boxers inside a boxing ring, all within 24 hours. He eventually selects ‘Honey’ Roy Palmer as the man for this job. But there is also a subplot. Charles Macum Diggs, the heavyweight champion whose name the town is named after, is now wheelchair-bound.

Published April 5, 2018

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