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Are there any films about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is revolutionising the way the technology community view money and transactions, and has now penetrated the veil of mainstream society to become a household name. As with any highly disruptive and innovative tech, films will follow. Think ‘Social Media’, but for Bitcoin. The journey of cryptocurrencies has been fascinating so far. It would make a great movie, but has anyone made it yet?

So far, little has been produced in dramatic films about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum

There have been a couple, mostly focusing on the dark sides of the cryptocurrency world. ‘Deep Web,’ for example, covers Silk Road and Bitcoin’s role in it.

Perhaps the first major film with Bitcoin in the title is ‘Bitcoin Heist’, also known as Phim Sieu Trom. The Vietnamese action movie can be likened to an ‘Oceans 11’ of the digital world. However, it’s difficult to find ‘Bitcoin Heist’ in the West, despite it being one of the biggest Bitcoin films so far.

Hollywood has yet to release a Bitcoin-based film, but they are about to catch up with a debut release from filmmaker Christian Cashmir, aptly-named ‘BitCoin’. The film is in pre-production and will be a comedy about two brothers who find a Bitcoin wallet worth $20 million. Sounds like fun.

One innovative filmmaker has used cryptocurrencies to fund her film. Recently, Mitzi Peirone funded her psychological horror film ‘Braid’ using cryptocurrency tokens as a model of investment. Mitzi Peirone offered cryptocurrency tokens that gave the owners a slice of the future profits of her film, and in doing so, managed to raise enough capital to release ‘Braid’.

Recently, ‘Braid’ was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and involves lots of crazy visuals and a head-fudging plot that will drive you insane. The plot itself has no relation to Bitcoin, but the film is worth an honourable mention as the first major movie to be funded using cryptos.

Though there aren’t yet many drama films about Bitcoin, documentaries around the subject are pretty abundant. For anyone new to the cryptocurrency world, there are several great docs out there to discover more of what it’s all about. The 2014 documentary ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ documents a computer programmer’s involvement with Bitcoin, and presents cryptocurrency as an economic paradigm shift, showing its evolution throughout the years.

One to add to the list of rainy-day activities is ‘Life on Bitcoin’, in which a newly-married couple make the decision to live off nothing but cryptocurrency for 100 days.

Back when the documentary was filmed in 2011, Bitcoin was much more difficult to actually spend, and the couple took a lot of time trying to convince people to take payments, or travelling for hundreds of miles to find vendors who accept Bitcoin. The journey might be a little easier now that you can easily use cryptocurrency coins and tokens to buy food and clothes, play poker online using digital tokens, and book accommodation with relative ease. Times are changing!

If you want a more serious look at the concepts behind Bitcoin, as well as opinions on how it will disrupt regular financial systems, ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It’ is a good call. Documentary-maker Torsten Hoffmann interviewed many tech experts and blockchain know-it-alls to curate this 60-minute gem of Bitcoin chatter.

That’s it for films about Bitcoin for now. As you can see, apart from the Vietnamese blockbuster ‘Bitcoin Heist’, the film industry has yet to produce the huge blockbusters that you might expect. Australia has produced iconic films over the years, but none about Bitcoin so far. Maybe soon we will see more dramatized movies, but for now, there are plenty of documentaries to keep you happy and help you learn more about Bitcoin.

Published May 22, 2018

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