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Is "Fury Road” the best Australian film of the 21st century

It is very rare that a film stuck in development makes it to the screens. Mad Max Fury Road is such an exception. Its pre-development started as early as 1997. Its shooting faced several bumps. 2011 attack, Iraq war and the other factors equally contributed to the delay. It was finally shot in 2012 and released in 2015. And while you may still want to go in for online gaming with Draftstars promo code, there is no denying the fact that Fury Road is one of the best Australian films in the recent past, and one that you just cannot miss out on.

What Would You Love about the Film?
The movie traces the journey of the human race in an energy-starved world. The earth is reeling under the post-apocalyptic phase. Along with showcasing the impending disaster of the human race, the movie beautifully captures human nature too. The leads don’t lose hope and work together to get out of the situation. Not only that but, it also strongly portrays the female character. It is very rare for action movies to get a strong female lead.

But this one is an exception. And for that, despite being an action film, it has received accolades from the feminists. With a strong storyline, nail-biting stunts and amazing effects, this movie swept the audience off their feet. You can simply gauge the magnitude from the fact it won 6 Oscars out of the ten nominations. It is rare for an action movie to get so much appreciation from all kinds of film critics.

A Story You Will Love
What keeps us grooved onto the film is its story – there are just so many levels around it that it’s going to keep you engrossed.

This action-packed movie basically touches all the facets of the human nature. Guilt, morality, dignity and will to live to make a strong storyline. Obviously, the star cast and all those behind the scenes have done their best to get this. The visual effects, sound, costume, and location all are very good. The extreme visual stunts are edited lucidly. Not once, you will feel that there is too much action. You will go along the flow of the movie.

Junkie XL, the Dutch composer, is the man behind the amazing sound background of the movie. When you watch the movie, you realize that the sound effects are the most powerful factor and go perfectly in sync with the storyline.

About George Miller
If you have been following him, you would know that he is among the best directors.

George Miller's direction in Fury Road is one of his best. No doubt he has made equally good movies including the earlier Mad Max franchise movies. However, the fact, that he showed immense dedication to Fury Road’s production despite so many pauses, makes it his greatest achievement. No wonder, critics are calling it the best movie of Australian film industry so far. This movie will be liked even by the coming generations. It has got that appeal.

Published October 9, 2018

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