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Pull no punches: How sports movies swapped triumph for truth

Hollywood tends to find inspiration for a film from any platform. It is without a doubt that it has taken advantage of the drama that surrounds sports. However, in the most canon of sports movies, the actors always emerge victorious out of any situation.

It is movies like Hoop Dreams, Raging Bull and Breaking away that makes fans get engrossed in such movies.

However, Hollywood has discovered that playing it too safe has become pretty boring. Now, it seems the industry has decided to showcase the dark side of the sports industry. Itís all about the things which fan out there are not aware of. We are sure you would love to know more about it, even if you are engrossed playing your favorite online casino games with a bonus unibet code.

Sports Movies and the Aim to Make a Difference
So, what are the top sports movies that deliver more than just a message and a few hours of entertainment? Here is a look at some of the better ones that we have seen in the recent past.

A film such as The Rider by Chloe Zhao depicts the mental strain athletes have to go through in their rough times. In this film, in particular, it depicts the real life of cowboys.

The movie follows Brady Blackburn (Brady Garneau) in his life as a rodeo cowboy. However, after falling from a bucking horse, he suffers a traumatic head injury. Unlike most films where the protagonist gets through his condition, The Rider takes a twist.

Brady's head injury causes him to have one of the strangest symptoms. One of Brady's hands sometimes locks into a fist making him unable to ungrip anything he has.

The movie is sad but depicts some of the real-life struggles cowboys have to go through.

Concussion (2015) is another drama filled movie which takes on sports from a whole new perspective. The movie follows Dr Bennet Omalu who discovers a neurological deterioration while performing an autopsy. This was dubbed as chronic traumatic enteropathy(CTE).

The findings are discovered on former NFL player Mike Webster( David Morse). Dr Omalu chronological his entire findings in his journal.

When the film hit theatres, of course, the NFL was not happy about it. The film was based on a real-life story and it depicted how NFL players succumbed to CTE.

However, since it was released the NFL has made some serious safety measures for its players. For instance, any player who loses consciousness is barred from returning to the field that day.

The movies are a great eye-opener to athletes of the impending dangers of the games they play. For instance, in Rocky IV the movie makes a quick ending by showcasing the death of Apollo Creed.

These movies send clear messages that sometimes maybe not getting back to the game is the best idea. This is especially for athletes who are addicted to their respective sports. Which of these is your favourite?

Published October 9, 2018

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