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Leo (Kevin McKidd) intends to spend his 30th birthday on his own, with take away and the telly for company – but his friends, lovers, ex-lovers etc, have a surprise party waiting for him, prompting a flashback to his recent affairs and adventures of the heart as he explores his sexuality, as do his lovers. He even goes to a New Age men’s group, where he falls for a straight guy, Brendan (James Purefoy), who is on the rebound from a broken relationship with Sally (Jennifer Ehle). His flatmate Darren (Tom Hollander) has a series of kinky encounters with his lover Jeremy (Hugo Weaving) a real estate agent with the keys to strangers’ homes where to conduct these clandestine assignations.

"There's plenty of colour in Bedrooms and Hallways' characters, as they explore sexuality, friendship and self acceptance. While the performances are marvellously honest, the viewer is kept somewhat at a distance. There are some genuinely original and amusing moments, with Hugo Weaving delightfully sordid as the randy real estate agent, whose quirk is to borrow clients' houses for his sexual activities. Weaving his way from role to role with great ease, Weaving is so versatile, that he is credible in any role at all. Issues of male bonding and sharing feelings are treated with amusement, although it is always as an onlooker, as opposed to being a participant. Jennifer Ehle is vibrant and vivacious, adding warmth to her character. I would have liked to have been more involved, but felt a little like a passive observer."
Louise Keller

"As Louise says, it’s got it all bar the emotional glue. It’s well written, in terms of dialogue and inventive scenarios, very well acted and played with just the right balance of drama and comedy, handsomely mounted and deftly edited, clearly directed. The message is also clear, as director Rose Troche guides us through a set of people whose relationships swing on more complex issues than mere gender. But somewhere the script has failed to locate the button that allows us to identify with the characters emotionally – even Leo (Kevin McKidd) being at arms length. It may have something to do with the fact that everyone is trying a tad too hard to make the point, forgetting to develop that mysterious chemistry that gets us involved. It would be unfair to say it’s style over substance, because quite clearly there is substance – and in some scenes there are genuine pleasures, often funny ones, and much of the observation is well defined, accurate and revealing. Hugo Weaving’s Jeremy is delightfully laconic and underplayed, contrasting with his lover Darren’s queeniness, in what is basically a running gag through the film."
Andrew L. Urban

"Love and lust make the world go round in this fitfully funny and anarchic comedy from Go Fish director Rose Troche. Films about sexual identity can be a lot of fun, and this. left-of-centre gem is a delight. Troche briskly directs from an engagingly smart script by Robert Farrar, and has crafted a film that pokes fun at sexual stereotypes and the concept of maleness. Scenes featuring an exquisite Simon Callow heading a men's support group, are definitely this pic's highlight, while Hugo Weaving, as a sleazy gay real estate agent, is having the time of his life. Watch a sequence featuring Hugo and handcuffs; it's one of the funniest single moments on film this year. All the performances are wonderful, with Tom Hollander stealing the film as Leo's flatmate. Bedrooms and Hallways has many farcical elements, yet much of the comedy is grounded in reality, which makes the film more interesting than it might appear on the surface. It's a snappy, funny and delightful work that, despite its gay themes, is broadly comic to reach out for a wide audience."
Paul Fischer

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CAST: Kevin McKidd, Hugo Weaving, Jennifer Ehle, Simon Callow, Harriet Walter, Tom Hollander, Julie Graham, Christopher Fulford, James Purefoy, Paul Hughes

DIRECTOR: Rose Troche

PRODUCER: Dorothy Berwin, Ceci Dempsey

SCRIPT: Robert Farrar


EDITOR: Chris Blunden

MUSIC: Alfredo Troche, Ian MacPherson

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Richard Bridgland

RUNNING TIME: 96 minutes



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