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 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Tuesday September 15, 2020 

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The Movie-Themed Online Games Doing the Movies Justice

In the realm of online gaming, there is one sector that produces more games than any other, collecting huge crowds while pumping out streams of games based on popular movies. Online casinos have become hugely popular all over the world, thanks, in part, to their production of movie-themed online games which are tailor-made to appease fans of the cinematic creations.

Some of these games do fall flat of expectations, merely taking the form of a classic video slot game with some pictures from the movie. Others go much deeper, enveloping fans with special features, animations, and even mini-games that are taken straight out of the film itself.

These are the games that we deem to be doing justice to the movies that they are based upon.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle made waves across the world with its late 2017 release, coming off as surprisingly well-received. While the 1995 original made just over four-times its production budget at the worldwide box office, the remake earned over ten-times its production budget at the worldwide box office.

Despite the new movie’s success, it’s the original which recently inspired the wildly popular online slot game made for NetEnt casinos. Jumanji has many features which liken it to the world of Jumanji, such as sticky vines, monsoon wilds, monkey mayhem, and wild stampede, but its best element is the scatter-triggered bonus board game, where players roll the dice, move around the board, and win prizes.

Planet of the Apes
The Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy – Rise, Dawn, and War – were incredibly successful and took what some believed to be an outdated franchise back into popular culture. So, NetEnt decided to make a game that captured the ascendency of the apes in their dual game Planet of the Apes.

Found in some of the best Australian online casinos, the Planet of the Apes slot plays two games alongside each other, with Rise on the left and Dawn on the right. It also includes two lots of features specific to the two movies, such as the Rise free spins, which sees the player unleash a wave of wilds, much like the escape of the apes in the movie, as well as the Dawn bonus feature, which shows the attempted alliance between the sides of human and ape by merging the character images into the same symbol.

Jurassic World
When it was announced that Jurassic Park was going to get a big reboot, the world of dinosaur lovers was ecstatic. It had been over a decade since the last instalment of the franchise came out, and the people wanted more. The first movie of the reboot, Jurassic World, drew in the crowds and smashed the worldwide box office, standing as the biggest film in the franchise so far.

This success inspired online casino games creator Microgaming to also reboot their Jurassic Park game with a brand new Jurassic World slot. In the game, players can explore the island’s dinosaurs and iconic areas, such as Gyrosphere Valley, the Creation Lab, and the Raptor Den. Most importantly, at any time, the elusive but deadly Indominus Rex can storm the screen to reward huge prizes.

These three blockbuster movies have inspired online game creators to step up and deliver games that immerse players in the universe of the film, creating a great gaming experience for the fans.

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Rise of The Planet of the Apes

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