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The Gambling Lessons Australian Cinema Has Tried to Teach

When it comes to making great cinematic productions, Australia sometimes falls a little short. Donít get us wrong Ė there have been some really enjoyable movies made. But the general feeling is that if a movie delves into anything a little deeper than crocodile hunters or queens of the desert, they come off Ė how should we put it? Ė a little too preachy.

You could try watching an Australian gambling movie such as Broke which makes an effort to teach you the dos and doníts about gambling. Or you could simply head straight to the source and read about the top 10 online casino tips at trustworthy gambling portals such australiancasinoclub.com. Your choice.

Inspiration is at the core of this movie.

Brokeís writer and director, Heath Davis has done a fairly good job of conveying the underlying messages in this 2016 movie. It tells the story of a disgraced sports star-turned gambling addict who tries to turn his life around with the help and support of his number one fan. The movie pulls all the stops to preach about the dangers of gambling addiction. One scene even sees the main character, Ben Kelly (played by Steve Le Marquand), pawn his hostsí VCR and DVD machine just so that he can have a few more rounds on the slot machine at his local pub.

The lessons learned in this slow-burning, all-Aussie movie, ladies and gentleman, is that a) even the greatest footballers are only human and can fall from their marble pedestals and that b) gambling addiction sucks.

No kidding.

We need to remember that Broke was financed by crowed funding and sporting groups, which means that there is a bigger agenda out there. The movie wasnít just made to entertain/move/inspire the crowds. It was made to deconstruct the mythic nature of Australiaís male sports stars. It was also made to show what desperate measures some people will go to in order to fund their gambling addictions.

Now letís take a step out of Australian Hollywood La La land and look at some facts.

While gambling addiction is an existing problem, the good news is that it only exists in a minute percentage of the gambling populations. The vast majority of people who wager on sports, pokies, races or lotteries Down Under are doing so for the fun of it. One of the best gambling tips that is regularly shared is that gambling should be a fun pastime. Broke does everything it can to portray gambling as a destructive, miserable pastime. But no amount of cinematic prose can remove the fact that gambling doesnít need to be that way; nor Ė in the vast majority of cases - is it.

Millions of Australians head to land casinos and online casinos to spin their favorite pokies or sit down to play their favorite table games. They combine their gambling sessions with a night out on the town and have great fun doing so. An important casino tip shared is that players should consider their gambling bankroll as an entertainment budget. While they may win while gambling, they could also lose. If they are within their budget, then thereís no problem if Lady Luck turns her back on them that night. Controlled spending and having fun while doing so, is a far cry from the picture painted of the addicted protagonist in Broke.

Australians are also taught that they should know their limits when gambling. This refers to the amount of time they spend at the casino, as well as the money they spend. By heeding this very important online casino tip, most gamblers are able to play in a responsible manner, without spending too much, nor chasing their losses. Broke wants us to believe that gambling automatically equals addiction. But the very opposite is true. Just take a look at the crowds having fun in Sydneyís famous casino or playing at prime online casinos, to know that most people are aware of their limits and happily head off home to their normal lives when their gaming sessions end. They certainly donít end up like Ben Kelly, manically snatching items of value from his friendís home to feed his gambling addiction.

If for some reason, you donít have the funds to play online casino games, the vast majority of us certainly wonít resort to desperate measures (see above). One of the best casino tips around is that you can actually play all your favorite games for free at online casinos! Try the play-for-fun games at many Aussie-friendly casinos without the need to spend a cent. Then, when you are able to fund an online gambling session, you will be able to do so with confidence.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to Australian movies to educate you about gambling, you may be sorely disappointed. Rather, stick to light-hearted cinema like Crocodile Dundee and learn the best online casino tips from the true experts.

Published December 4, 2018

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