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HAUNTING - and the drinking...

Ghosts are here! With the release of films like The Haunting and The Sixth Sense (and Ghostbusters on DVD later this month), there has never been a better time to invite a poltergeist to your place for a cocktail or, yes, even a spirit. With this in mind, we asked our bar staff (competition entrants to The Haunting) what drink they would serve up to a grizzly ghoul or alcoholic apparition. Here are a few suggestions to get Casper bouncing off the walls…

"A simple jug of beer. If it makes people feel invincible, it might just make a ghost feel visible."
Felix Richmond

"I’d just hit it with everything I could find, get it good and drunk, capture the bugger on video and join a circus sideshow."
Stuart Broughton

"Coffee; in case of a hard night on the town we wouldn’t want him to be three sheets to the wind."
Robert Kocsis

"Zombies and Bloody Marys all round of course! Nothing mellows out a gathering of ghosts better."
Jay Cannig

"Bloody Mary – that way we could keep track of it’s whereabouts …just follow or run from that floating red liquid!"
Gina Mihail

"A Martini…sh-sh-shaken, not stirred."
Charles Kevin

"Nice ghost: cup of Earl Grey tea and a chat. Scary ghost: a cup of what’s in my underwear!!"
Tony Jan

"Non-filtered fresh Sydney’s tap water – to really scare the s**t out of it"
Johnny Eckerman

"Sunsilk shampoo - to give it some body."
Brian Pettiford

"A Sprite. Image is nothing. Cursed is everything."
Monique Boullanger

"A Harvey Wallbanger…If I can’t see the ghost at least I might hear it!"
Zeynep Selcuk

"Heartstarter….for obvious reasons."
Laurie Walsh

"A whisky to keep his spirits up."
Bruce Livett

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