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The 10 best Australian films of all time

Thereís no denying that the Australian film industry has produced some award-winning masterpieces. Many are just as good as Pointsbet. Disagree? Just check out the Pointsbet review detailing how easy the bookmaker makes one of your favourite pastimes.

Still, have you ever wondered which films were the best ever? Well, donít worry your pretty little head a minute longer. Today we are going to share our list of the 10 best Australian movies of all time:

(They are not listed in any particular order)
1. The Castle: Although most would consider this film to be low-budget, it is still on many favourite lists. It follows the Kerrigan family as they try to keep their gaudy (but beloved) home from being bought by developers.

2. Moulin Rouge: This film tells the tales of the Moulin Rouge, a glamorous Parisian bordello, in its heyday in the 19th century. To make things even more interesting, they throw in a tawdry love triangle for size.

3. Mad Max: This post-apocalyptic movie is responsible for launching the career of Mel Gibson. No matter if you love or hate him, heís incredibly talented. This definitive post civilization film is an intriguing depiction of a dystopian future that should be on everyoneís cinematic bucket list.

4. Gallipoli: A known tearjerker, this movie tells the story of a group of Western Australian soldiers and their experiences on the Turkish battlefields during World War I.

5. Strictly Ballroom: Filled with garish costumes and manic characters, this movie is so bad, itís good. Somehow, all the outlandish elements gel together to become what is now a cult classic.

6. Australia: An epic historical drama that explores Australia on the eve of World War II.

7. Murielís Wedding: This hilarious comedy-drama details the life of socially awkward woman who dreams of one day finding her perfect match. She believes that this will significantly improve the quality of her boring life. She decides to make the move to Sydney, only to find out that things arenít always what they seem.

8. Crocodile Dundee: This rom-com is about a stuck up American journalist who falls in love with an Australian bushman while on assignment in the Outback. They eventually go back to the US where hilarious shenanigans abound.

9. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: In the classic road trip movie, 3 pals dress up as women and drive a bus across the country.

10. Ned Kelly: This tells the story of the infamous Australian who put on a suit of armor to battle the authorities.

Have you ever seen any of the movies on the list? What did you think? Published December 24, 2018

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