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It’s 1999 and Austin Powers (Mike Myers) is relaxing on the Riviera, when he learns that his arch enemy, Dr Evil (Mike Myers) has re-emerged and from his penthouse headquarters at the Seattle Space Needle is time travelling to 1969 to steal Austin’s mojo, his life force, really, so he (Dr Evil) can carry on destroying the world without interruptions from Austin. The loss of his mojo deprives Austin of his shagging ability, spurring him on to devise his own time travel gizmo to follow Dr Evil back to the 60s. He teams up with the leggy Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) from the CIA to pursue Dr Evil and his band of baddies and save the world – as well as get his mojo back.

"Yeah Baby, this is a DVD with attitude. From the flower power menus, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me takes you into the world of the satirical spy himself, Felicity Shagwell, Dr Evil and mini-cute Mini-Me. If you want to know more about how Mike Myers, his co-writer Michael McCullers and director Jay Roach approached the making of the film, there's plenty of information in the feature length commentary. We hear about the many terms of reference and how the comedy was structured in modules. From the obvious Star Wars and Bond references to some which may not be apparent to all, such as the original Thomas Crown Affair and Star Trek, our appreciation of the satire is enhanced by inside information. Hours of hilarious stuff had to be cut out, Mike Myers says – and we can check out seven deleted scenes, moments of madness not previously seen. The cast improvised greatly; often the spontaneous is funnier than the planned. Great care was taken to cast people who could 'think on their feet' and technically the crew were prepared for the unplanned. As for cute Mini-Me; it was originally intended to create this scene stealing alter ego by visual effects, but when 2'8" Verne Troyer was discovered, not only was he immediately cast, but included in more scenes than anticipated. (Sitting still for the three hours of make up each day, was tough, Troyer confides.) Felicity Shagwell was based on Barbarella says the costume designer, while the choreographer is full of praise for Myers and how gifted he is in movement. There's an off-the-wall moment with Burt Bacharach, in the Cameos section, and Jerry Springer talks about how his TV set was recreated. There are cast and crew biographies and music fans will enjoy the music videos – Madonna sings Beautiful Stranger, Lenny Kravitz sings American Woman and Melanie G performs Word Up. There are hours of extra Austin entertainment; good fun when friends drop in from the 60s."
Louise Keller

"Here’s a DVD that adds immeasurably to the world’s knowledge of Austin Powers, his friends and his enemies. The second film of Austin Powers, the gauche spy of the sixties taken into the nineties, was a much more successful piece of comedy. It built on the characters established in the first film and if, as the rule for Bond films goes, you need a great villain to make a great Bond film, here we had two villains in Dr Evil and his one-eighth sized clone, Mini-Me. So in that incredible clarity and theatre surround sound that DVD brings, you can now watch the film and then switch to a larger than normal series of special features – with Austin himself guiding you through the menu ("Oh, you’re a naughty one!"). First up are the scenes they had to leave out. Quite a lot including two with our own Gia Carides who as the agent Robin Swallows (maiden name, Spits) which as of this week Ms Carides herself had not caught up with. There’s a list of the cameo roles including those of Woody Harrelson, Clint Howard, model Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Willie Nelson, Tim Robbins, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello and Jerry Springer. Not just a list either - you can call up the cameo name and jump straight to the scene. The biographies of the actors are well detailed and for buffs there is a separate filmography which is also accurate and detailed. You can watch the various trailers, the music videos or check out the behind the scenes interviews with the creators and stars. And, adding to the richness of this presentation is the commentary by Mike Myers himself, co-writer Michael McCullers and director Jay Roach. Here is where you learn some of the details of the making of the film (perhaps more about Fat Bastard than you ever needed) told with wit and a pervading sense of fun. One of the suggestions for the title was Austin Pussy, for example ... and that was the United States Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team in the pool in the opening sequence with Austin Powers. Certainly for Powers fans this adds a great deal to the enjoyment and it is a prime example of just how valuable a good DVD can be. By the way; last seen, Gia Carides was hurrying back to the US with husband Anthony LaPaglia to get her copy of the DVD."
Paul Le Petit

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CAST: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Robert Wagner, Michael York, Seth Green, Elizabeth Hurley


RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes

DVD RELEASE: January 18, 2000

RRP: $34.95

DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Home Entertainment



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