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The greatest roulette movies ever to hit our screens

When considering which casino games have featured most in movies over the years, poker is certainly up there, but pipping it to the post has to be roulette. I mean, who hasnít seen roulette in some shape or form in their lifetime?! That is largely down to movies.

Roulette is a hugely popular game enjoyed by all, whether youíre a casual player at home who enjoys a spot of roulette on a Friday evening on websites like casino.com/roulette/, a dedicated player who enjoys attending various land-based casinos to test your roulette skills against fellow dedicated players, or you simply play with friends casually over a few drinks, itís a heavily played game with a large following and an incredibly rich history, which is exactly why it has made it onto our movie screens at times.

When it comes to movies, directors have used roulette to shape some iconic creations over the years, be it in comedies, dramas or all-action thrillers. So, with that in mind, we thought weíd go through some of the best roulette movies of all-time and further highlight just how influential roulette has been on the world and, more specifically, the movie industry.

Released in 1942, Casablanca is considered by many to be the best film ever made. A bold statement perhaps, but for its time it is certainly one hell of a creation. One particular scene really stands out from a roulette context, when a game is played in a cafe owned by the movieís protagonist, Rick. A woman and her husband, who are on the run, decide to gamble everything they own on a game of roulette. Thankfully for the couple, Rick rigged the game to make sure the pair win, enabling them to leave the cafe with all of their money and on their journey across America.

Diamonds Are Forever
Itís impossible not to think of at least one James Bond film when considering movies that might have been featured in or heavily featured a casino game over the years, be it poker or roulette. Many of the iconic movies feature Bond in a casino and Diamonds Are Forever is no different, when 007 is seen playing roulette following the movieís famous craps scene. Made in 1971, Diamonds Are Forever is quite possibly the most casino-centric James Bond movie ever made, with roulette at the forefront.

The Deer Hunter
When it comes to box office hits, The Deer Hunter isnít up there as budgets back then were obviously smaller, but in terms of impact, it deserves to be up there with the very best. An absolute classic from 1978, the movie doesnít feature a scene of roulette as we know it, but instead a brutal version of the game that has evolved from the movies we all know and love. After being captured by a group of Vietnamese combatants, a group of American friends and soldiers are forced to pull the trigger of a gun thatís aimed right at their heads in what is certainly the most intense and dangerous version of roulette there is.

Indecent Proposal
Perhaps an example of how not to play roulette, this 1993 masterpiece features a classic scene where a newlywed couple blow all of their life savings on a game of roulette. Following their disastrous game, a billionaire offers the couple a large sum of money but providing the wife sleeps with and shares the evening with him. The couple eventually agree to the billionaires offer which, subsequently, leads to a whole host of problems and events which are illustrated brilliantly throughout the movie.

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