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Online Bingo in Australia

Australia has been considered land of slots for quite a while now. New South Wales is particularly known for slot machines and their popularity, ever since the state legalised this form of gambling in 1956. In the late 1990s it was reported that there were over 180,000 slot machines in Australia, but whatís even more interesting is that more than half of these were in New South Wales. More than 2.5% of all slot machines on the planet were located in Australia and we all know that Australia is neither 2.5% of the population, despite the fact that it is over 5% of the world landmass.

But the popularity of slots doesnít rule out the popularity of bingo. The old game of bingo may not be as popular as it is in Britain, but quite a few Aussies enjoy a game of bingo every now and then.

While in the old days you had to drive to the nearest bingo hall and be there at the exact hour when a bingo game is about to take place, nowadays you have the option to play bingo online without even having to live your living room, or an even more convenient option Ė you could play on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, as long you have a stable internet connection.

And thatís not the only advantage of online bingo over conventional bingo, although many would claim that it is the most significant one. Much like with casino gaming and the increased popularity of online casinos, the situation is rather similar with bingo.

Game variety
In addition to the convenience factor, thereís another thing that should be considered when discussing online bingo and its advantages over standard bingo gaming.

Namely, the term bingo has a specific meaning in the sense that different variants of the game are popular in different parts of the world. In Australia, in accordance with the British tradition 90-ball bingo was the dominant and most popular variant. In the past Aussies could only play 90-ball bingo if they wanted to play bingo at all, as this was the variant that was offered at bingo halls throughout Australia. In North America, 75-ball bingo was the dominant variant, and players there didnít have the chance to familiarise themselves with 75-ball bingo up until the launch of the first online bingo sites.

Land-based bingo halls are limited in terms of time and space only a limited number of games can be held at a venue, but online sites have a lot more flexibility and multiple games can take place simultaneously. Itís not just 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, there are multiple variants that have been popularised online. First, we need to mention 80-ball bingo which has been regarded as a combination of 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, i.e. it includes some of the elements of both of these versions. Then thereís 52-ball bingo, which is a version that is an even further twist on classic bingo variants.

Not to mention that there are many branded bingo variants, based on popular shows and programmes. All this variety helps bingo sites attract players who previously werenít too interested in bingo.

Moreover, when youíre playing online you have the option to choose from a range of games, that also means that you get to pick ticket prizes as well. A ticket may cost as little as a single penny, but it could go up to a dollar or more. Understandably, that also has an impact on the potential prizes that you could win, if youíre willing to pay more for the ticket, the potential prizes will also be higher.

Bingo sites offer bonuses and even free bingo tickets, especially if you havenít previously been registered with the site.

Safe payments
When the first online bingo sites were launched, there were safety issues, online payment platforms were still in their infancy, but nowadays it is a lot safer to hit a bingo jackpot online, then to walk around with a pocketful of cash after youíve won a jackpot at your local bingo hall.

For most players it is simplest to use their regular credit or debit card to make online payments, but there are many of other payment options that are at your disposal if you decide to play bingo online, such as PayPal.

Published October 17, 2019

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