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Items You Can Pay For Using Cryptocurrencies

If you have not been updated on the latest in the financial world, we are here to do just that. Update you. There is a new currency in town, and word has it that it is of great value. This currency goes by the name of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has not been there for too long, and for that reason, so many people remain skeptical about it. First of all, it is virtual money, and secondly, the avenues to mining it is so limited. And thirdly, there are no laws to govern its transfers, and hence only a small population possesses it. Regardless, the currency is worth so much, but one will beg to question, can you buy anything with it? Well, the answer is very simple, yes. And below are some of the things you can pay for using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

1. Some company shares
Cryptocurrency trading in 2020 onwards is about to revolutionize the trading industry even further. This type of exchange medium, due to its rarity, is a precious asset. One bitcoin in the market is close to a million dollars than it is to one dollar. And for that reason, some companies are accepting payments of their products and services using the bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency. They are even open to accepting payments of their shares in this new currency as they believe that it only gets better from here. The percentage of companies with this option is, however, still on the lower side, and this is because some business people do not trust this currency despite its value.

2. A house
The days of carrying bags and bags of money, or writing hefty cheques to pay for a home are nearing an end. A new era of exchange has been welcomed with open arms in the prestigious real estate sector. You can now pay for your new property with bitcoins or any other types of cryptocurrency, which is a fantastic development.

3. A car
You can also purchase your dream car using crypto-money. Just like the selling of company shares, only a few companies are open to this form of exchange. Worry not, you do not have to pay with a whole bitcoin, but a percentage of it will do. As long as the topped up amount is covered by either cash or money transfer through banks, you will have your vehicle in no time.

4. VPN subscriptions
VPNís are meant to make your internet browsing discreet and paying using cryptocurrency is the best option for these subscriptions. It is evident that no VPN is worth all the dollars represented in a bitcoin, but tend to be only a small percentage. And so you make the payments of the said estimate to get privacy.

5. Pay dowry
Lastly, we have the payment of dowry done in cryptocurrency. Yes, you read right, dowry. Parents today are accepting the payment of bride price using this new money. The customs of paying bride price is still upheld, but the payment method is the only thing that changes. And this is a fantastic way to walk into the future.

If you thought cryptocurrency was useless, now you know it is not as stated above. You can use it to buy so much more than what has been asserted earlier, and the number will increase as time goes by. Its value has risen, and as forecasted, it will continue doing so. So much so, you owe it to yourself and the generations to come to get with the program and invest today in cryptocurrency.

Published January 16, 2020

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