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Sports Movies Countdown

Sports movies have existed for more than a century. Some people consider them a genre. The Champion is one of the oldest sports films in history. It was released in 1915 featuring Charlie Chaplin. Most sports movies narrate about individuals or teams who triumphed in sports despite facing many challenges. Listed below are the eight best sports movies in history.

1. White Men Can't Jump (1992)
The film featured Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. They wore belly tops and leggings. But, the two actors have chemistry. White Men Can't Jump has hip-hop and R & B soundtracks. Also, it has several basketball scenes that make it resemble the real world.

2. Hoop Dreams (1994)
Hoop Dreams starts as a short documentary for PBS. It narrates the lives of teenage boys in disadvantaged regions who aspire to be professional basketball players. The film later developed and used the teenager's life stories as an emblem of modern America. It highlights the triumphs and problems that society faces.

3. Escape to Victory (1981)
Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone lead Bobby Moore, Kevin O'Callaghan, Ossie Ardiles and Pele in a football match against the Nazis. The German team agrees with their challenge while the prisoners create a sophisticated escape plan. Escape to Victory is ideal for professional footballers and pundits who like placing online bets for fun.

4. Rocky IV (1985)
Sylvester Stallone has written the Rocky film series from 1975. Rocky IV features an amateur boxer. It has a different theme from Rocky II and Rocky III. The movie focuses on death, friendship, redemption, and revenge. Rocky IV has high stakes. Rocky trains in snow as he prepares to fight Ivan Drago in the Soviet Empire.

5. The Way Back (2020)
Ben Affleck narrates about his addiction in The Way Back. He acts as a former high school basketball player who is employed to coach his former school's team. The film has amazing basketball scenes with a nice flow and Gavin O'Connor was its director. It features a man who is unsettled but plays basketball to soldier on in life. The film empathizes on the importance of training hard in any sport.

6. Senna (2010)
Senna is a biography of Ayrton Senna's racing career. It highlights the risks and glamour involved in Formula One races. The film aligns ancient Rome gladiators with drivers. It has suspense as Alain Prost takes over the Panto villain's duties.

7. Any Given Sunday (1999)
Oliver Stone has directed several interesting films in the past. He creates a Miami Sharks NFL team in Any Given Sunday that experiences many challenges in the NFL season. Al Pacino gives a moving speech in the locker room before the end of the season.

8. Goon (2012)
Goon is a comedy sports film featuring Seann William Scott. It highlights an enforcer who tortures rival team members. But, he has a judgmental family that makes him suffer from an inferiority complex. The movie has several violent scenes and Michael Dowse shows that many people like hiring the goons.

Published March 20, 2020

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