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Pop Culture & Free Slot Machine Games: Trends Review

For a long time, the history of various slot machines was based on winning and losing, which was quite simple. Over time, the development of gambling, the legalization of casinos, and an increase in new players led to increased demand and with-it competition among developers. Companies for creating games began to set goals for improving slots to make them more attractive, interesting for players.

Thus, in the early 90s, many companies began to involve pop culture in games, using visual and musical accompaniment adaptation. Three main areas were selected:

● television shows
● board games
● celebrities

One of the first creations was the Wheel of Fortune slot from International Game Technology in 1997. It was created in the image of a favorite American show with the full adaptation of pictures and sounds.

Thematic slots have become very demanded among players and casinos because the inherent popularity of pop culture has spread and to slots with it. Over time, computer games and comics were added to the main areas of pop culture used to create slot machines.

Trend Free Slots Inspired by Pop Culture
The variety of thematic slots is impressive, and their number is growing steadily every day. Providers are continually competing to create the most interesting, innovative, and exciting game machines using various themes from pop culture. The creation of most of the games that follow pop culture was caused by the influence of popular films, celebrities and authority figures, as well as famous TV shows. Most of these slots offer free game modes with the option of instant play with no registration and no download. Each player can find their favorite game in the TOP games with bonus features and jackpots. Besides, themed free slots often feature bonus rounds with free spins. Each player, for example, from Canada or Australia, can play without entering and without a deposit. You do not need to search, just go to the free slot machine games without downloading or registration and get to know on how to play free slot online machines.

Some topics are often used to create slots than the rest - let us talk about them in more detail. First, the most popular TV shows, for example, Family Guy or quiz show Jeopardy. Such shows are adapted with impressive detail, precisely copying the musical accompaniment, pictures, or even the characters. The success of this concept lies in the long-term participation of television shows in our lives. Many of us like to watch a comedy show, an easy series, or an exciting quiz, thus relaxing and distracting from a difficult working day or routine.

Games based on popular movies occupy an honorable second place. Remember the famous movies Ghostbusters and Terminator 2, slots copying these films help you feel the full atmosphere and find yourself in the same adventures as the main characters. Movies help us feel different emotions and dive into another world, and most people are very fond of films, so they are a popular theme for slot machines.

Everyone listens to music, and the theme of music is trendy in slots. Famous musicians release music slots with the copying of songs. For example, in the slot Guns N' Roses, there is a whole playlist from which the player can select the group's favorite composition and listen to it while playing. Without comparison, music is much more common in our lives than films and TV shows, so video games with familiar songs are much more successful.

The use of cartoons theme in casino slots is based on the memories of our childhood. Pleasant memories and warm nostalgia are enjoyable feelings, so cartoon-based slots are top-rated.

History has haunted us since school times, and the historical theme still adds some mysticism and mystery to slots, which explains its good popularity and success. Many people like to feel mystical notes in games and historical heroes who, for example, appeared from mythology, like in a slot Zeus.

There was conducted a study to understand the thematic preferences of the players. It showed the difference in the choice between female and male players. An analysis of many structured profiles from six South African casinos revealed no significant differences in the selection of slot themes between women and men. The four main topics in the choice were 64.3% of Cards, 60.3% of Las Vegas, 59.2% of Fantasy, and 57.7% of the Ancient Times. It was revealed that a significant number of people play slots for fun and often try new ones.

Elvis Presley
The influence of Elvis on pop culture can be called quite impressive, largely; he will undoubtedly be remembered for his significant contribution to rock and roll. Nevertheless, the rapid take-off of a career, unsurpassed talent, and the sale of albums with billions of copies can be called something more than just success.

Although many years have passed since the King's death, he is still much loved. People buy songs, make films and use his name for many marketing decisions, including the creation of slot machines. IGT's Elvis slot is full of famous King hits with an impressive jackpot of $ 311,923.50 and 128 free spins, which is an order of magnitude higher than in many similar games.

Everyone knows the most outstanding superhero who always comes to the rescue. For a long time, Superman reflects the real American dream, inspiring, and being an idol for many. Superman's main contribution to pop culture was not only a moral character but also a visual image that served as a prototype for subsequent heroes.

The launch of the slot machine with Superman was not long in coming. The game contains the unique atmosphere of the first Superman movie, great distinctive symbols, musical accompaniment, and attractive gaming performance.

Game of Thrones
The incredible television show that everyone has heard about will forever remain famous. Game of Thrones has a large arsenal of loyal fans, and the number of franchises goes off-scale using the name of the show and specific details. Many experts have long proven the impressive contribution of the show to pop culture. Slot based on the famous fire and ice plus dragon HBO series.

Based on Game of Thrones, many computer and board games have been released, and online slots including dragon theme in whole are no exception. Microgaming did everything possible for an excellent adaptation of the game. Fans should fully appreciate the visualization, bonus symbols, and bonus rounds.

Great cast, vivid special effects, an exciting plot with dialogs make the Ghostbusters movie one of the most beloved. The appearance of the heroes is copied, the theme of the movie is used for events and marketing projects and everyone knows the main song of the film from Ray Parker Jr. Saying about creating games based on the film, one of the most popular is the free slot from IGT. It accurately contains the images of heroes, the plot of the film and music. The pokies does not stand out with large payouts but attracts fans of the film to try themselves as hunters with the opportunity to win small stable amounts.

Wheel of Fortune
The famous American show with the solution to puzzles rightfully launched a series of similar games with wheels, prizes, and the opportunity to win money. Wheel of Fortune is an icon for many games; the show is considered the longest in the US and has received many nominations, awards.

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine has the same name as a TV show along with new visual and musical attributes. As in the show, you also deal with reels, only right now their 5 and 30 paylines. The slot pleases with its excellent adaptation, the ability to play on mobile devices, and 720 ways to win.

Star Trek
The original science fiction series since the 1960s is rightfully considered one of the most influential. It has made a significant contribution to the culture of media franchises, and the number of fans is off the scale. Based on the series filmed feature films, produced toys and games. Many of the series were written in the image of Star Trek or were inspired by its cultural influence. The Star Trek slot helps plunge into the cult series and, at the same time, get good wins. In addition, the game can be played free without registration or deposit.

Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz is considered one of the greatest Hollywood films; it still collects unheard of box office receipts, thereby setting new records. The film significantly influenced pop culture and fashion, as many photo shoots are done on the image of Dorothy.

A very famous Wizard of Oz slot can be found in almost every online casino. It captivates its players with good payouts, an interesting, fascinating story, and special functions. The game is also famous for its high RTP and many bonuses.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is the most famous picture, which attracts almost all the public's attention largely because of its secrets and incredible artistic execution. The identity of Mona Lisa is still a mystery, historians, art scholars, and artists cannot come to an exact definition. The portrait of La Gioconda is often used in advertising, marketing, and various cultural fields, which proves its significant influence. A series of different media based on the portrait was also done; for example, the Da Vinci Diamonds slot uses a picture for visual design and other Da Vinci works.

Michael Jackson
Everyone knows the King of pop music, who made a big breakthrough for pop culture. Michael's songs, performances, and music videos have not lost their popularity for many years, and his name for a long time symbolizes an impressive brand. Most of the King's works, like his name, are used in many areas. Almost everyone loves Jackson and his creations. The specially designed Michael Jackson King of Pop slot pleases fans with a progressive jackpot with big wins and original styling. The bonus game «Smooth Criminal» with the developed special music video, which can be called a kind of show, is impressive.

Published May 16, 2020

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