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SYNOPSIS: The first interactive DVD to be released for preschool children in Australia, the 50 minute video invites us into a fun-filled day at Baby Bop's school with singing, reading and bouncing into gym class. Intended to make learning fun for toddlers and preschoolers, children can watch the video, interact with songs like The Alphabet Parade, I Love to Read, and The Shape Song (lyrics included), and interact in many different ways.

"Bad weather? Kids bored? Are you pulling your hair out? Barney's Let's Play School on DVD may help restore your sanity. Colourful and bright, Barney and friends are as cute as punch and will make you smile, whatever your age. For those who may not know, Barney is a six foot purple Tyrannosaurus Rex - child-like, energetic, fun-loving and very friendly. Baby Bop, one of Barney's friends, is a three year old Triceratops with a lively imagination, She portrays activities and behaviour typical of 2-3 year olds, and is often helped by big brother BJ (an active seven year old Protoceratops), who loves to ride his scooter and play with friends (representing brother/sister relationships). There are five DVD Rom games developed exclusively for this release; my favourite is Connect the Dots a new medium for an old favourite. The 32 page electronic book offers a choice of reading with your child, or let Barney do the honours. The songs from the audio release can be played continuously or individually. You can select your favourite scenes with simple navigation, from 12 chapters and visit behind the scenes with Barney's cast and crew. There's even a Spanish language track and subtitles for the hearing impaired. Let's Play School is delightful entertainment, to keep little minds busy at home. Repeatedley."
Louise Keller

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RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: March 13, 2000

RRP: $34.95

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