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"Never tell a story because it's true: tell it because it's a good story."  -John Pentland Mahaffy
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Here are some unsolicited reader comments since our launch in February 1997, in the humble hope that we can keep up to the standards you expect from us. Please feel free to SEND us your own glowing comments - but we also accept criticism and will even publish it, as long as it's reasonable, and signed with a genuine name and address.

A Compliment for Louise
I am tremendously impressed with your film review of "The Edge of Heaven", which only now has finally arrived in Israel. I searched through so many reviews after seeing the film without seeing even one with the depth, perception, the intelligence of yours.

It is a mystery to me how some people remain employed in the "film review business" with so little to offer others.

Thank you, and not only because you validated some of my impressions of the film. You offered insights which I had not yet come upon. One point remains, not as a "but..." It seems no one mentions the fact that we see a chronicle of failed relationships. Your analogy to a baton, unknowingly passed among the characters, rings true.

Actually, your truths are very akin to mine regarding this film. I am grateful that you wrote about them!
Ted Birnberg, Beer Sheva, Israel
May 10, 2008

Urban Cinefile is a great site, the best, best site actually!! Keep up the good work!!
Zena Wilson

Congratulations Andrew and Louise, on a highly professional, informative movie site. I've bookmarked it, along with Cinemania, and it's an invaluable local web resource.
Mike Daly - Journalist, Melbourne

Urbancinefile! Thank you. I live in Karratha (yes I know you probably need an atlas to find us on the other side of Australia, below Broome and on the curve). I run a theatre, cinema and outdoor cinema and guess how we pick movies? I print out reviews and three of us read them and rate them. We find your site the most useful, of course I can't just nip down to Perth to check them out myself (1562km) on a whim. And of course we read newspaper reviews and look at other sites but we reckon yours is the most useful and most accurate. Especially for the "Coffee and cake" movies we do once a month which is aimed mostly at the ladies. If Louise likes it, we reckon our "girls" will too.
Anyway a big thankyou from the staff at the Walkington Theatre, Christie, Leonie and me!
Pippa Davis
Theatre Manager, Walkington Theatre, Karratha, WA

I really, really like the Cinefile site, have it bookmarked . . . Looking forward to reading more of the site in future weeks.
Nerida Shackleton

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide. One of the draw-backs of living as remote as I do, is that I find it difficult to see even a small percentage of the movies that you so tantalizing comment on. Even visits to the local video-store turn usually out to be rather disappointing.
Beatrix C. Lindlar

I've just found your website and am pleased to see such a great Australian site featuring quality reviewing. Whilst I don't agree with all the reviews (I thought Something About Mary was appalling!) I'm able to cheerfully admit that's because it's not my sort of thing. What a pleasure to see such a excellent, balanced job being done by Australians - you put many international film sites to shame. Keep up the good work. (And this is the first time I've ever sent such a jolly e-mail on the strength of a job well done! Don't tell anyone, eh? Bad for my street cred :)

My wife and I made use of our free preview tickets to the movie The Interview this evening. It was an excellent movie, I enjoyed this very different film very much, my only critique was for some of the strong language although I admit it gave it a gritty feel. Thank you very much for the tickets it's the first time my wife and I have gone out together for ages, I'd forgotten how nice that was. I also wanted to thank you for your brilliant web site, I look forward to your newsletter every Thursday and have recommended your site to many friends. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Keith Golphin

Love your site. As a confirmed movie fan (of all types) I was excited to discover such a comprehensive film site. You might be interested that I found the listing in Cinema Papers - good PR. Now that I've found the site. I will be back.
Gerry Costigan

I love your site and go to it just about every day; thanks for the great read and reports.
Tony Camilleri

I want to thanks your dedication, for send me, all the weeks, one mail with the news. I want to say that here, in my country (Venezuela, South America) we can't see so much Australian films. The last one, was Shine, of course, because won an Oscar. But on video I saw so many films and I want to say that you have one of the most important and best filmography that I have seen. In special the last ones I saw: Proof, Twisted and Romper Stomper. I think that the Australian films have one thing that anyone have: risk. You make so many crazy films, so rude films, and some risk films. And you don't care about industry rules. I think that is important. Thanks for the article of Romper Stomper, because I write for a magazine (about video) and I need that information. That's all, and thanks again.
Patricia Kaiser, Venezuela

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