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Matt Day has the looks and the talent to be a young romantic lead - but in his latest film, Muggers, he has opted for comedy.  Matt joined Andrew L. Urban and readers for an online chat on Monday May 29, 2000.

The role of goofy boyfriend, Brice, in Muriel's Wedding, established Matt Day as a film actor, after a string of tv appearances on shows such as A Country Practice, and in theatre. But it was Bill Bennett's acclaimed Kiss or Kill which gave Matt the opportunity to play his first serious adult role, and now Muggers shows his comedic side.

"I felt it was the right time to turn to comedy because the last few films I've appeared in have been emotionally charged and very intense." One of these was the dark drama, The Sugar Factory, directed by Robert Carter. Matt also co-starred with Miranda Otto and Richard Roxburgh in Chris Kennedy's Doing Time for Patsy Cline, with Guy Pearce and Claudia Karvan in Dating the Enemy and with Radha Mitchell in Love and Other Catastrophes, directed by Emma Kate Croghan.

Trained in Perth at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Matt began his career on the stage. On television he is well known as Luke Ross in A Country Practice and has also appeared in House Rules, The Bob Morrison Show, The Man from Snowy River, Beast and Water Rats.

In Muggers, Matt plays Brad, a highly skilled and talented medical student who has the potential to become a gifted surgeon. But he spends more time avoiding a crazy loan shark than studying. When he and his cousin Gregor stumble across a black market scam in human organs, they think it's a quick and easy way of making some cash. Wrong.

"I enjoy comedy," says Matt. "I find it easy to ham it up. And the script is just so clever. It's based on one of those urban myths…."

Matt Day was a Best Actor Nominee in the 1997 AFI Awards for his role in Kiss or Kill.

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