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"Director Geoff Bennett's daughter called out, 'Who's that boy over there?' I had short hair, wore second hand men's suits and even wore jockettes in a shower scene"  -Dee Smart on her role in Turning April
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The son of a senator (James Cromwell), and the first man on Mars, Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard) returns home a hero, but is not aware that he has become infected with the deadliest DNA in the universe. From a frozen lab embryo of the alien species, Dr Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger) has recreated a half human/half alien called Eve (Natasha Henstridge), whose instincts are to mate. Ex-military assassin Press Lennox (Michael Madsen) is recruited to defeat the newest breed of aliens, but Patrick seems unstoppable, as his mating urges take effect.

"This sequel to 1995's surprise sci-fi hit - starring Natasha Henstridge (surely the most beautiful alien in screen history) and her knockout bust - is a sex laden gore-fest that will satisfy perverts and sci-fi buffs but leave average viewers laughing aloud.

Astronaut Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard) returns from Mars with alien DNA infecting his swollen loins and attempts to bed every female in sight. Who knows, maybe heís trying for a team of ET rugrats (Village of the Damned anyone)? Meanwhile, Eve (Henstridge), recreated as a human/alien clone here, pants in heat awaiting her mate.

Referring to the pairís inevitable intercourse, no-nonsense alien-hunter Press Lenox (Michael Madsen) delivers the most redeeming line of the movie: 'They could f**k the human race out of existence!' The film delivers weird sex and gruesome death like money-shots from a porno flick, with a perversion for CG flesh-regeneration, exploding canon pregnancies, and nipple-extending copulation.

Alrighty! Species 2 will be laughably bad for most viewers, but the DVD version is well worth a look for any movie buff, and essential viewing for the sci-fi religious. Director Peter Medak, a veteran television director with a handful of features to his credit, gives exemplary audio commentary. He waxes on everything from the involvement of his actors to the importance of remaining true to H.R Geigerís drawings (which inspired both films). He discusses his dedication to continuity from the original to why certain scenes proved impossible. This DVD's best feature is the ample explicit footage left on the cutting room floor (protected by parental lock). Itís easy to see why such scenes were cut. Lazardís sex romp with the hooker-twins is lengthier, gorier, and shows (R rated) pubic nudity. Thereís more nudity in the strip-club, and the stripper Lazard kills turns out to be a transvestite. And the extended alien-tongue scene is hilariously horrible.

Building on the standard DVD's attractions - widescreen and 5.1 channels of sound are perfect for this genre - is 7 quality DVD trailers, an 8-page collectible booklet, and 36 scene selection jumps."
Shannon J. Harvey

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SPECIES 2 (MA 15+)

CAST: Michael Madsen, Natasha Henstreidge, Marg Helgenberger, Mykelti Williamson, George Dzundza, James Cromwell, Myriam Cyr, Sarah Wynter, Maxter Harris and Justin Lazard

DIRECTOR: Peter Medak


DVD RELEASE: April 19, 2000


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