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"It's hi effects-laden, verbal trampoline blockbuster in a way "  -Ben Affleck on Kevin Smith's Dogma
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Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) is in trouble after losing the DM 100,000 he's meant to deliver to his gangster boss. He has twenty minutes to recover the money or face certain death; he phones and tells his girlfriend, Lola (Franka Potente), who resolves to somehow raise the money to stop Manni from robbing a supermarket in desperation. Lola hurtles through the city, her attempt to save Manni becoming the sum total of fractional differences in choice, luck and timing - a scenario which is played out three times with different results on each occasion.

"One of the most popular foreign language films of 1999 in Australia (and around the world), Run Lola Run has oodles of energy, invention and a novel concept that doesn't dry up half way through. It's also short. The DVD features a fascinating music video with English lyrics to the film's relentless, driving soundtrack, sung by the film's star, Franka Potente - who looks very different when out of character.

It's a relaxed, low key conversation between director Tykwer and Potente that accompanies the movie, but is a trifle superficial. It lacks the depth and the detail that would make this a compelling feature, since the film begs to be talked about. Tykwer never really grapples with the issues of why he did what he did, or what he wanted to achieve; for example, why did he insert animation to echo the live action? It's brilliant, but what was the motivation or trigger?

And what about those terrific flash forwards of people's lives after Lola has run into them - often literally? All he tells us is how the producers were nervous about spending so much effort on what were mere seconds on the screen.

Potente doesn't satisfactorily discuss her marathon effort, there is little to endear us to the two commentators, and the commentary itself ends up repeating what we see, rather than digging deeper into it. All the same, it's not off putting and the film's sense of edgy fun is well captured.

The film plays superbly on DVD, and the music is best enjoyed with the volume up."
Andrew L. Urban

"I hope this DVD reaches thousands of movie lovers those who missed this electrifying movie experience on the big screen have a chance to enjoy it in the privacy of their own home, with the very best picture and superb sound. It's unique, it's exciting, and if the little bit of German dialogue annoys you, you can watch it dubbed in English. But really what Run Lola Run is all about, is a unique cinematic experience. The pace is frenetic, the pay off absolute. I enjoyed Tom Tykwer's commentary in particular, and in case you're wondering, his English is excellent. I would have liked to hear a little about how fit Franka Potente (she with the fluorescent red mop of hair) had to be to do all that running without ever seeming out of breath, but perhaps she is so fit, she didn't even think to talk about it. She does talk about the opening scene in detail though, and how she spent a whole day on her own shooting it establishing her character.

My favourite section is Chapter 25 the casino scene in which we witness the impossible. The croupier is really a croupier in real life, and some of Lola's fellow-gamblers had cotton wool stuffed in their ears in order to survive her glass-shattering scream. You'll enjoy Run Lola Run from start to finish. Do yourself a big treat, buy this DVD and enjoy it yourself and enjoy introducing your friends to Lola."
Louise Keller

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CAST: Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup, Nina Petri, Armin Rohde, Heino Ferch

DIRECTOR: Tom Tykwer

RUNNING TIME: 77 minutes


DVD RELEASE: June 6, 2000


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