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Of those who voted in our polls, one in four want Government funding for Australian film production doubled, and most people want to eat and drink while watching movies. These are some of the results of the recent weekly polls we conducted in association with telstra.com. Here are a few results of the polls over past weeks.

How much should the Australian Government provide to the film industry?
A set % of the total economy: 38%
About $200 million: 23%
About $100 million as now: 17%
Nothing: 15%
As much as the industry wants: 6%

Should there be a levy on all movie tickets towards Australian film production?
No: 72%
Yes: 28%

Do you like to eat and drink (nibble etc) while watching movies?
Yes: 82%
No: 18%

Which would you rather take into the movies?
Soft drink: 43%
Wine: 16%
Beer: 15%
Champagne: 13%
Tea/coffee: 12%

How many films do you think you've seen in your life so far?
About 2: 1%
Over 50: 24%
Over 500: 43%
Over 5000: 26%
I'm too old to tell you: 5%

Would you like to work on a movie set?
Yes: 96%
No: 4%

Would you like to watch new movies via satellite at home?
Yes, if it's free: 58%
Yes, if it's the same price: 8%
No, I prefer the big screen: 28%
No, I prefer it in a crowd: 6%

Where do you prefer to sit in the cinema?
Right up the front: 4%
Right up the back: 30%
Dead centre: 57%
On the outer edge: 7%
In the projection booth: 1%

Are you interested in seeing movies on the internet?
Yes: 73%
No: 27%

(July 6, 2000)

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