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On the eve of his 40th birthday, Russ Duritz (Bruce Willis), a high-powered, successful image consultant, has life turned upside down when he comes face to face with young Rusty (Spencer Breslin), none other than Russ himself as an 8-year-old. Rusty is a sweet, but slightly geeky, pudgy little kid who is bullied at school and dreams of growing up to fly a plane and own a dog…and maybe even get married. He is not at all happy with how he turns out to be - a 40-year-old loser: a grown up without a pilot’s licence, a wife or a dog. Young Russ helps old Russ to help himself and remember his dreams as a kid, in order to become the grown up he wants to be.

"Disney's The Kid is a magical feel-good charmer that takes your emotions through as many highs, lows, bumps and spins as the little red biplane that flies through the clouds in the opening credits. In fact, you could say that this ride in the sky represents the adventure of life, with all its pitfalls, hopes, dreams and harsh realities. Romantic, funny and very moving, The Kid allows your imagination to soar in a compelling tale about dreams and keeping in touch with the child we once were. The parallels with The Sixth Sense will no doubt be the first point of reference, and there is no doubt that the formula Bruce Willis + Kid = box office success. Jon Turteltaub has crafted a piece of cinema magic that dazzles with wit, sparkle and poignancy . Willis is superb and is the strong focal central point throughout. You'll fall in love with Spencer Breslin, the pudgy ugly duckling kid, whose journey from dweeb to dashing is a delightful and entertaining affair. Breslin delivers an unaffected, natural performance and it's refreshing to see a real kid, warts and all, in a Hollywood film, where cute is usually the pre-requisite. But there's much more. Emily Mortimer is enchanting as the romantic lead, while scene stealing Lily Tomlin (as Willis’ assistant) has the knack of delivering the best lines. Audrey Wells' script is fill of them, and you may well chuckle when Russ declares 'I don't have time to go crazy' when he visits a shrink for a quick prescription fix. If not being married, having a dog called Chester, or flying jets is the indicator of being a loser, Russ is it, although his image-consultant life-style, spacious bachelor pad and self-protective, slick, superficial life holds much appeal. Marc Shaiman's score bubbles comfortably under the action, allowing some heart-lifting modulations to enhance the emotional ride but never manipulating. Let the kid in you be touched."
Louise Keller

"If you know nothing about the story, it may take a while to go with the flow, as it were. At one point you might think that the filmmakers have lost their marbles, but then you realise it’s a time warp. But these are delightful surprises, and as with most good movies, they are part of the enjoyment. So it’s best not to reveal too much, except to say that as a piece of cinematic fantasy, The Kid has a juicy twist. It’s a good story, as idealistic as Hollywood can get and as smoothly done. But let’s not forget, the old dream factory was built on stories like this, giving audiences a dose of decent values to take home. (It beats smashing up a city and shooting pedestrians.) Bruce Willis – getting used to working with kids, it seems – is in fine form as the man who learns to find his old valuable and value-driven self in the crumbling remains of his high-falutin’ but ultimately nose-diving existence. Once again, Americans are shown that you should have a dream that it should be based on decency and noble values, and that you can still reach your dream as long as you focus….focus, please. Filmed with outstanding craftsmanship, The Kid is a kind and entertaining film, I kid you not."
Andrew L. Urban

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KID, THE [Disney's] (PG)

CAST: Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin, Emily Mortimer, Lily Tomlin

DIRECTOR: Jon Turteltaub

PRODUCER: Hunt Lowry, Jon Turteltaub

SCRIPT: Audrey Wells


EDITOR: Peter Honess, David Rennie

MUSIC: Marc Shaiman


RUNNING TIME: 104 minutes

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Buena Vista International

AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: September 26, 2000

VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR:Buena Vista Home Video

VIDEO RELEASE:April 4, 2001

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