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"Last week I was celebrating the gruff and grisly tones of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Van Morrison on the Wonder Boys soundtrack. Here, Tom Waitsí corrosive drawl buries them all. It is a voice that can only have been forged in a diabolical furnace deep within the infernal bowels of the planet, yet it mesmerises us with an unlikely tenderness atop its bristling depths.

"Please call me baby/Wherever you are": a simple sentiment, but listen carefully to the inflection of the last two words. The mere drop of a semi-tone speaks many octaves of emotions when curled up in the phrasing and inimitable tone of this peerless character singer.

Itís a near impossible act to follow, and Peter Salettís clear and pure timbre couldnít be a more dramatic contrast. Yet, when Salett croons seemingly insipid lyrics like "Iíve been just waiting . . . and hesitating, with this heart of mine," with such mellifluous clarity that they come across as both sincere and poetic, he miraculously avoids being obscured by Waitsí hulking shadow.

Travis Pickle further maintains the standard with the sweetly clubbish Crazy, before Salett returns to round out this first section of the CD with the nostalgic The Way Things Used To Be.

There are three distinct divisions to the soundtrack. And after these fine song-smiths have entranced us, we are presented with ten cues from the Elmer Bernstein instrumental score. And itís a Magnificent Ten. (Well, nine plus a "Main Title" overture that doesnít actually feature in the film.) Playful, jazzy, romantic and whimsical, the piano-laden melodies reminds us that Bernstein was a child prodigy on the instrument, not because of any virtuosity on display here, but because he obviously knows his instrument so well. The orchestrations that weave in and around the ivories are just as delightful, and it all adds up to some of the most fun and accessible cinematic instrumental writing of the year.

The CD Winds up with the reliable funk-soul of Wild Cherry and Cheryl Lynn, and it must be said that the three divisions donít seem to belong together for any particular reason Ė other than they happened to work in various scenes of the same movie. But who cares? It takes a great leap of faith to believe a more entertaining soundtrack than this one will come along any time soon."
Brad Green

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TITLE: Keeping The Faith (Original Soundtrack)

ID: HR-62275-2
Buena Vista/Spyglass/Hollywood

FEATURED ARTISTS: Tom Waits, Peter Salett, Travis Pickle, Elliott Smith, Wild Cherry, Cheryl Lynn

SCORE: Elmer Bernstein

PRODUCER (SCORE): Emilie A. Bernstein


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