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Robert ‘Mac’ Macdougall (Sean Connery) is the world’s greatest (and loneliest) art thief, so no-one doubts the identity of the thief when a Rembrandt is stolen from a luxury New York apartment in a skyscraper. Insurance investigator Virginia ‘Gin’ Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) persuades her boss Cruz (Will Paton) to let her after him, in the process save the company the $24 million payout. Mac and Gin play spiky, edgy games as they test each other out, first colluding on another extraordinary art heist, then planning the greatest heist of all, on the strike of the new millenium – in the financial heart of Asia: Kuala Lumpur’s majestic Patronas Twin Towers.

"Buckle up for a slick Hollywood action thriller with screen legend Sean Connery and svelte, beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones. There's non-stop action, romance and plenty of intrigue in this cat and mouse adventure set in spectacular settings around the world, but admittedly, its main appeal is the presence of these two top box office draws. Presented in widescreen with sharp, crisp images and a great soundtrack, the DVD includes an excellent 'making-of' feature in which we hear from cast and crew. Director Jon Amiel talks about working with Connery, while Zeta-Jones explains that working with Connery as well as the multi-faceted nature of her character was the main appeal. Connery adds that his shapely co-star is very game in her approach to her craft and stunts. Remember that extraordinary opening sequence when Connery's character, Mac, jumps off a 70 storey building? We go behind the scenes and see how the stunt man had to battle 40 mph winds to achieve this mind-blowing stunt. In fact, you get a good insight into the making of this big budget extravaganza. Navigation is simple and there are a handful of subtitles including Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Finnish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Icelandic. Watch the trailer, music video, jump to the scene of your choice, but best of all, allow yourself to become engrossed in the escapism of Entrapment, the movie."
Louise Keller

Review published: 31/8/00

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CAST: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Patton, Maury Chaykin and Ving Rhames


RUNNING TIME: 108 minutes

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: August 23, 2000


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