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This is the sequel to Jurassic Park: John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough), a venture capitalist, produced previously extinct dinosaurs from DNA fragments encased in amber. His company put these genetically engineered dinosaurs in a theme park on a beautiful Costa Rica Island, but the park systems broke down before opening and all the dangerous dinosaurs escaped and had to be destroyed. It has now been four years since the secret disaster at Jurassic Park and Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) finds himself with the terrifying realisation that something has survived!

Like Jurassic Park, the technical quality of sound and images make this a fabulous home entertainment experience, superior to ‘old fashioned’ VHS, even if you haven’t yet unfolded your wallet for a 5.1 sound system.

The menu here is the delapidated petrol stop in the destroyed Park – and a raptor is on the loose, of course. The extra features are listed in an easy to see and navigate manner, and the Making Of doco is less passionate, more traditional than the one accompanying Jurassic Park.

Spielberg discusses the appeal of the story setting, a prehistoric world hidden but real, somewhere on this planet.

Scriptwriter Steve Koep (now here’s a thing: the writers – both Koep and in Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, getting so much airtime in the Making Of doco, as if they were really crucial to the whole enterprise….) observes that the pressure on everyone, himself included, was difgferent this time. The audiences were no longer asking ‘can we do dinosaurs,’ but ‘what can we do with the dinosuars now we could do them.’ The pressure, he says, was to do something even more impressive.

He also remarks on Spielberg’s uncanny ability to always come up with terrific action sequences – which then have to be written into the story, somehow.

There are two long deleted scenes on the DVD, both are worth watching: one takes place in the boardroom of Ingen cCorporation, and explains how the board, urged by his nephew, tries to get rid of its chairman, the character played by Richard Attenborough.

The second is even better, set in a market in Mombasa, featuring the tough-guy antics of Pete Postlethwaite’s big game hunter character.

Great rental DVD, but movie lovers will want to keep it on the shelf, ready to play at the slightest sign of thrill-deprivation.
Andrew L. Urban


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Publication date: October 19, 2000

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CAST: Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Arliss Howard

DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg

RUNNING TIME: 124 minutes

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Col TriStar Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: October 10, 2000

50 minute documentary The Making of Lost World; Deleted Scenes; Storyboards, production photos, design sketches, models & conceptual paintings; Trailers; The World of Jurassic Park – from drawings to reality; The Magic of ILM; Marketing Posters & toys, dinosaur encyclopedia, prod notes, cast & filmmaker notes, weblinks & animated menus; Languages: English, German, Hungarian; Widescreen

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