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A Sony DVD player and a library of movies on disc proved to be much sought-after prizes in our competition which asked entrants to describe their most memorable home entertainment moments.  From all over Australia, hundreds wrote about the Olympics, hundreds more wrote about their first experience of a DVD, yet more hundreds described kissing and cuddling and the start of long relationships . . . and there were dozens of mishaps while watching videos, tv or DVDs. A few were sad, a few were mad and a few were just plain. But the judges judged well into the nights to finally pick the winners. We congratulate all of you who entered, and thank Sony for the player, Columbia Tri-Star for the movies and DVDUsergroup for their co-operation.

WINNER – First Prize:

Eric Ravier: I was watching the television when my son suddenly came on, dressed in drag, on a float at the gay parade. When I got over the shock, I phoned his mobile: he was still at the parade. He came out to me, said he was gay and that he knew I'd be watching. It was very emotional for both of us. Talk about 'home entertainment!'


Mark Hourigan: We were watching a video on a stormy Friday evening. Our bird became scared and flew from his cage looking for a place to hide. He flew into the video slot of our recorder. The movie stopped, the bird died and the video broke. What were we watching? Bird Cage!

Gaye Jackson: While engrossed in the Terminator movie on video, my husband ate my son's jigsaw puzzle pieces and complained that the Doritos were a bit stale.

Jeffrey Price: We were watching a video and doing it on the lounge room floor, which lead to the conception of our twins. Unfortunately we lost them at birth, but it was my most memorable home entertainment moment.

Vicki Collins: Bonding with my Dad and my Dad bonding with my friends watching The Jackal on video. Dad NEVER goes to the cinema and finally he saw what he was missing – and that my friends were nice people.

Brigid O'Connor: One dark, rainy night when I was about 13, I was watching the Exorcist alone and it was about halfway through when a mouse ran over my bare foot. I screamed and screamed and my mum ran in and smacked me, and said never to scream like that again unless I was being murdered.

Duncan Samarsinghe: My disabled brother fell out of his wheelchair and broke his arm. I didn't know why until later I pressed play on a tape he'd been watching. To my amazement, the scene from Forrest Gump where young Forrest broke free of his leg restraints appeared. My brother was trying to walk.

Nicoleta Loana Sica: Alone at 30 in my dingy flat, eating chocolate and getting fat, I turned on the box for some relief, and the image seen defied belief. The school nerd I rejected, was now rich and well connected. Newly married the reporter said, as I collapsed sobbing on the bed!

Kathy Karas: The night when my mum got out of hospital on her birthday, she thought that all of us kids would be partying. She thought we forgot about her birthday as well. So when she got home, all of us kids were in the lounge room sitting down with flowers all around and popcorn ready, and watching videos. My mum started to cry and so did I.

Natalie Linney: Everyone was home for a video night & our VCR wouldn't work, so we got the one out of Mum's room. Once it was plugged in, it automatically started playing, and to everyone's horror there on the screen was a porno in full swing.

Clare Andersen: Easy! Watching a taped video whilst boyfriend out working a night shift (or so I thought!). 5 mins into the movie, he appears on screen on one knee, with a ring in hand, proposing… when he gets home I kiss him and say 'yes!' and kill him for taping over movie!

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First prize:
A 5-disc Sony DVD player, plus a library of movies on DVD:

Jurassic Park & The Lost World
Men in Black
Erin Brockovich
Hanging Up
The Mummy

Runners Up win the movie library.

All prizes will be delivered to winners at the address on their entry by the suppliers.

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