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"Why have an eight-year-old play an eight-year-old when we can have an actor of Tom's calibre, with all his years of experience, interpret the part? "  -- director Robert Zemeckis on using Tom Hanks play the boy as well as the guard in The Polar Express.
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The one thing Wall Street suit Brad (Brian Van Holt), struggling screenwriter Zeke (Zorie Barber), and manic masturbator Jonathan (Jonathan Abrahams) love more than weekend sexual conquests is telling each other about it over Sunday brunch at their favourite New York City diner. They're joined by dorky Eric (Judah Domke), the married member of the quartet, who loves nothing more than relishing their larger than life tales. These guys are sexual predators, and when each begins dating lovely Mia (Amanda Peet) without the other knowing, it spells trouble for the quartet. Who will Mia choose? And is there more to her game than meets the eye?

“So we're half way through the year and already three god-awful films, Dude, Where's My Car, Say It Isn't So, and Tomcats are fighting for 'worst film of the year' honours. Now let me quote the great George Castanza: "And suddenly a new contender has emerged." Whipped takes the cake - but only so far - we've got a long line of crappy sequels to come. Six more months of this and I'll be thinking Battlefield Earth was a metaphor for our oppressed nation's fight for civil rights. This loathsome battle of the sexes makes me glad I'm: A) out of the dating game, B) not living in New York City, and C) not one of these poor schmucks, or, for that matter, one of the actors playing them, who have just blown their careers into oblivion. Two words: eighteen days. That's all it took fresh-faced first timer Peter M Cohen (writer, producer, and director here of his own pet project) to shoot this poor excuse for comedy. It's no wonder he had to make it himself - no studio would pick it up. Veiled as an observation of the double standard in the dating game - that women are just as predatory as men - Whipped is just an excuse to make a few bucks with crass sexual imagery and dirty jokes. If you want to improve your street cred by knowing what phrases like "feed the geese," "rim job," or "stabbin' cabin" mean, go for it. Even the plucky Amanda Peet can't bring a shred of decency or wit to this rubbish. How it made the big screen is a mystery. I think even Cohen would be amazed it made it all the way down under, and that it's being reviewed. I assure you, I was the only one in the theatre (the adage "if they weren't paying me for this" is so true). If it makes the video store, gently step around it and hope it goes away.”
Shannon J. Harvey

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CAST: Amanda Peet, Brian Van Holt, Zorie Barber, Jonathan Abrahams, Judah
DIRECTOR: Peter M Cohen
PRODUCER: Peter M Cohen
SCRIPT: Peter M Cohen
EDITOR: Tom McArdle
MUSIC: Michael Montes
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Katherine M. Szilagyi
RUNNING TIME: 82 minutes


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