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Kung-fu fighting Taoist Steven SeAgal is back as a misunderstood good guy – this time as Detroit cop Orin Boyd, who single-handedly thwarts an assassination attempt on the vice-president only to be busted back to beat-duty in the city’s worst precinct. There he stumbles into a heroin racket led by a group of pumped-up dirty cops and distributed by a mysterious gangster named Latrell Walker (DMX). But Walker isn’t exactly who he appears to be, which means an unlikely pairing with the incorruptible, indestructible Orin Boyd.

Exit Wounds is a straight-up cops and robbers action flick with sporadic light relief from gangster wannabe Anthony Anderson and self-help group junkie Tom Arnold. And after watching this testosteronally charged film, you'll hand it to Seagal. He launched his own career by co-producing and co-writing Above the Law in 1987, and has replicated the same formula in ten movies since. Yet he's an enigma. He's a beefy 50 year-old Aikido master, but he's also a softly spoken spiritualist. He never gets mad, shouts, or goes crazy. Animal on the outside, pussycat within. He dispenses the usual Dirty Harry style justice here, be it with hands-of-steel, blazing guns, or plain old deadly stares, and there’s the usual quota of shoot-outs, punch-ups and gruesome deaths. It moves along at a cracking pace, thanks to Andrzej Bartkowiak’s direction, some above-average action sequences, and a bearable plotline.

The DVD offers just a few incentives for the action-inclined. There’s a making-of documentary, which doesn’t really tell us anything about what it took to make Exit Wounds other than what fun it was to make it and how much everyone respected each other. More enjoyable is the Day on the Set with Anthony Anderson, a cheeky comedian who takes us through his average day, from midday hotel room wake-up to make-up to run throughs until 2.30am.
Shannon J Harvey

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STARS: Steven Seagal, DMX, Isiah Washington, Tom Arnold, Anthony Anderson

DIRECTOR: Andrzej Bartkowiak

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: November 22, 2001

The Making of Exit Wounds; A Day on the Set with Anthony Anderson; DMX music video; Trailer; 2.35:1 transfer; Dolby Digital 5.1

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